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School of Business and Management

Department of People and Organisations

About us

Our core mission as a Department is twofold: a. to lead with excellence in both education and research in multi-disciplinary fields pertaining to organisational behaviour, human resource management and employment relations and the effects at multiple levels – from the individual to the organisational and the institutional, b. to promote in our practice and teaching the values of social justice, equality, diversion and inclusion and wellbeing. We are exploring the interaction between people and organisations in a world that is rapidly changing and facing new challenges around managing equality and diversity, intersectionality, leadership, learning and innovation as well as the challenges to individuals’ personal and professional development in diverse management contexts. We do so drawing on both mainstream and less mainstream research methods and approaches.

Our Department plays an important role in equipping our diverse body of students with the knowledge, skills and critical thinking to become global responsible citizens and to successfully set out on exciting career paths in corporate, non-profit or governmental organisations or as entrepreneurs themselves. The Department is host to the CIPD accredited International Human Resource Management MSc and our academic staff regularly contribute to the School’s BSc programmes in management, teaching core and elective modules. Our research is academically rigorous, impactful, recognised around the world for its invaluable contributions to knowledge creation in the field of organisational behaviour/ human resource management and useful for practitioners. We are also particularly proud that our education and research projects are actionable and have supported our local community.

Members of our Department have received numerous research and education  excellence awards at leading national and international conferences as well as being awarded grants ranging from small, seedcorn funding to kickstart new research to large scale funding from national and international funding bodies.

The researchers of the People & Organisations Department have published widely in internationally leading journals. Members of the Department are invited to work with and advise external bodies including business organizations, government departments, professional organizations and trades unions. Our academic staff have produced or presented reports for diverse audiences such as national and international high profile organisations. Research produced by our academic staff is regularly reported in national and international media. Our researchers and our students benefit from a highly collegiate and supportive environment that aims to nurture intellectual curiosity, support collaborations and seek answers to pressing management, people and organisations research questions drawing on a variety of qualitative and quantitative research methods. Members of the Department are also actively engaged in shaping the national and international Higher Education agenda and taking leading roles in international teaching and learning committee work and organising education-focused conferences such as the Academy of Management’s Teaching and Learning Conference TLC@AoM.

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