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School of Business and Management
A selection of portraits of PhD Alumni

PhD alumni profiles

Meet a selection of our PhD alumni, and find out more about their research and academic careers.

Headshot of Solomon Odafe Akpotozor. He is wearing a black shirt and standing in front of a light wooden background. Solomon Odafe Akpotozor (Business and Management PhD, 2019)
19 October 2022

"Queen Mary is a champion for equality and diversity, you will not regret joining Queen Mary and you will never second guess your decision. You will be respected and receive equal opportunities to develop yourself." 

Headshot of Dr Manesha Peiris. She is wearing a black roll neck jumper with black framed glasses. Dr. Manesha Peiris (Business and Management PhD, 2020)
19 October 2022

"Queen Mary is a university with global recognition. The faculty you will get to learn from, work alongside and be mentored by are some of the best in their fields. This is an opportunity that will allow you to shape yourself as a researcher and an academic."

Headshot of Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal smiling. Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal (Business and Management PhD, 2021)
19 October 2022

"I can loudly say everything was enjoyable. Faculty, the staff, colleagues, and friends kept challenging me to do better with my teaching, research, and academic networks. The School constantly opened spaces for my career development, pushed for both by my supervisors and the faculty I had the chance to work closely with."

Headshot of alumnus, Mark Bergfeld. He is wearing a green and black jumper and glasses and is smiling at someone off camera. Dr. Mark Bergfeld (Business and Management PhD, 2019)
2 May 2022

"I am very happy that I met so many fantastic academic researchers at Queen Mary who question the pro-business consensus of our time and are developing stakeholder approaches in different yet converging ways."

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