School of Business and Management

Borderlines: Action Research Cluster in Creative and Cultural Economies


Borderlines: Action Research Cluster in Creative and Cultural Economies

School of Business and Management

 Queen Mary University of London

 London, E1 4NS


(Image: Courtesy of Sadhvi Dar, Night Tears.)


Borderlines is an inter/trans- disciplinary group of researchers, artists, thinkers, makers, practitioners who are interested in understanding the role of the creative and cultural sectors in reproducing and moving beyond neo-liberal logics of space, temporality and community. We draw on a variety of critical methods to understand the multiple forms creative and cultural sectors take across and between the Global North and South. We encourage the use of experimental methodologies that draw on the arts and creative economies, social sciences and humanities in ways that enrich action research. As such, we define research as praxis and are interested in denaturalising the borders that currently organize practices of conceptualising, practicing and making. We hope to achieve through a supportive and sustained dialogue among group members

Membersip of this research cluster includes:

  • Amit Rai
  • Yasmin Ibrahim
  • Sadhavi Dar

We encourage, but are in no way limited to, asking questions about:

  • The political economy of the cultural and creative sectors
  • The digital, online, virtual worlds and associated emergent subjectivities and identities
  • Aesthetics and knowledges
  • The postcolonial, neo-colonial, de-colonial - Feminisms, queering
  • Histories, archiving, temporality, the un/timely
  • Fictions, fantasy, dreams, post-truth
  • Sustainability, consumption, ecologies
  • Privilege, power, in arts practice
  • Digital Archives
  • Mobile platforms and corporeal technologies

We support using the full, and growing, spectrum of disseminating work by:

  • Enquiring into the contexts of power and value in the creative industries and cultural sector
  • Writing together
  • Reading together, re-reading work
  • Making art, performance, fictions and rhymes
  • Making interventions / hacking technologies
  • Blogs, zines, podcasts, pamphlets, posters

This Research Group is linked to, but not limited by, the expected Masters in Creative Industries and Arts Leadership.