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Shahla Geoffrey

 Shahla Geoffrey


Project description

The research I am working on will report the research gap regarding the impact of opinion leaders within social media platforms on consumers’ purchase intentions in Saudi Arabia. To my knowledge, no prior studies have explored the influence of opinion leaders within Snapchat on consumers’ purchase intentions. Also, no prior studies have investigated the proposed topic in the country of Saudi Arabia.


After working for almost four years at KPMG’s external auditing and advisory departments, I was motivated to broaden my exposure in business by earning a Masters degree in business. At the same time, I accepted a job offer from King Abdulziz University (KAU), Saudi Arabia, to join their department of finance as a pre-faculty member. The job offer includes an unrestricted full sponsorship to pursue Masters and PhD degrees.

I graduated from DeGroote School of Business at McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada, with a Masters of business administration (MBA), in the summer of 2016. During studying MBA, my major focus was on general business and my minors were on marketing and finance.


  • I questioned the implementation of Islamic financial instruments (i.e. Musharakah and Murabahah), and whether it achieves and provides a truly “Islamic” solution to borrowing in modern banking. The Practice Of Islamic Financial Instruments In Muslim Societies With A Focus On Mudarabah And Musharakah In Saudi Arabia”
  • Published an article on bitcoin at the DeGroote Market Watch in February 2015. “”
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