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Mahwish Sikander

 Mahwish Sikander


Project description

Mahwish’s doctoral research focuses on the lived experiences of the women of colour academics that construct their perception of work and careers in academia. This is a mixed-methods qualitative research which utilizes post-racial and post-colonial lens to investigate the aforementioned purpose. The study attempts to explore the probable impact of race and gender on women of colour academics’ career perceptions. Alongside the standpoint of women of colour academics, the university’s equality, diversity and inclusion initiatives with respect to women of colour academics’ careers will be analysed through stance of HR personnel and through examination of equality/diversity reports available on universities’ websites.


1st Supervisor: Dr Sadhvi Dar
2nd Supervisor: Professor Yasmin Ibrahim


Mahwish Sikander is a PhD candidate at Queen Mary’s School of Business and Management. Her research background is in Organisational Behaviour domain. Her past research work is linked to careerism, emotions, perceived politics in organisations and organisational justice.

Centre and Group Membership


  • Fatima, T., Choudhry, M. A., & Jahanzeb, S. (2017). Careerism, politics, and strategic emotional display. Theory of planned behaviour perspective. Paper accepted in 77th Annual Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, Georgia.
  • Choudhry, M. A., Batool, N., & Shaukat, A. (2017). Does organizational justice really matter? An empirical study to find out the impact of distributive, procedural, & interactional justice on OCBO and OCBI by mediating the relations with impersonal and interpersonal trust. Paper presented at 20th National Conference on Aligning Business with Sustainable Development Challenges and Responsibilities for the Industry. Szabist University, Islamabad, Pakistan.
  • Choudhry, M. A. & Fatima, T. (2016). Impact of careerism on career success and power. Moderating role of organizational politics. Paper presented at International Conference on Business and Management Perspective in the Asian Context: Challenges and Prospects. University of Lahore, Lahore, Pakistan.
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