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Suyash Barve

 Suyash Barve


Project description

In my PhD, I am exploring the historic and contemporary interconnections between the creation, circulation and consumption of cultural commodities and the production of political discourse with a focus on media ecologies of India specifically the business strategies of merchant capitalists and organization of labour. Through this project, I hope to contribute to the expanding literature in varied areas of research interest such as economic history of South Asia, labour movements of the twentieth century, affective politics of urbanization, political economy of media and information communication infrastructure amongst others.

I have a master’s degree in media and communications from the London School of Economics, a postgraduate diploma in direction and scriptwriting from the Film and Television Institute of India and a graduate degree in journalism from Mumbai University. I believe my educational qualifications and professional experience give me a unique insight into discerning and describing the materialistic and discursive embedding of sociality in media. I am keen to create impact through research, expand audiences for academic work and build theoretical frameworks that build from and contribute to material practices.

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