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School of Business and Management

Dr Charlotte Meng


Lecturer in Quantitative Methods

Room Number: 4.25I



  • Lecturer in Quantitative Methods


Charlotte is Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the School of Business and Management at Queen Mary University of London, and a Research Associate at the Economic Statistics Centre of Excellence. She holds a PhD and an MPhil in Land Economy from the University of Cambridge, as well as a BA in Finance and a BSc in Mathematics from Renmin University of China.



  • BUS108: Applied Economics


Research Interests:

Charlotte’s primary research area is applied microeconomics with focuses on textual analysis, business surveys, firm expectations, and management practices, aiming to understand firm behaviours and explain its role in improving firm productivity.

Her other research interest lies at the intersection of economic geography and behavioural sciences. Her work investigates the role of heuristics (e.g. reference dependence, loss aversion, and inattention) in the housing market.


Reference Dependence, Loss Aversion and Residential Property Development (with Helen X. H. Bao and J. Wu), Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, 36(4): 1535-1562, 2021.

Loss Aversion and Housing Studies (with H. X. Bao), Journal of Real Estate Literature, 25(1), 49-75, 2017

Are We Humans or Are We Econs? Effect of Sunk Cost Fallacy in Real Estate Development Decisions (with Helen X. H. Bao and J. Wu), Journal of Real Estate Practice and Education, 20(1):51-62, 2017.

Disposable Income: A Leading Indicator for House Price Trends?, The Property Chronicle, June 22, 2017.

Food Prices and Inflation Dynamics in China (with C. Zhang and L. Getz), China Agricultural Economic Review, 6(3): 395-412, 2014.

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