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Events - The IVF experience

Join us and become social researchers for a day! We will explore topics such as medical imaging, infertility and patient choices.

Think of an embryo developing in a petri-dish, have you ever seen one? Where?

Imagine that you want to have a baby. It turns out to be difficult. You decide to turn to fertility treatment. How do you envision this experience? Or perhaps you have you already gone through it? Or do you know anyone who has?

We invite you to a workshop where all will have a chance to participate in a conversation about infertility, fertility treatment, scientific knowledge, embryo / medical imaging and patient decision-making. You will have the opportunity to hear more about current research in the area. There will be snacks and drinks and a lot of space for sharing ideas, opinions and experiences.

Check out the dates and locations hereafter and sign up!

  1. 14 March 2020. Timber Lodge café, 1A, Timber Lodge Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, Honour Lea Ave, London E20 1DY. Starts at 2.30pm. 
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  2. 17 March 2020. Vagina Museum, Unit 7&18 Stables Market, Chalk Farm Road, London, NW1 8AH. Starts at 6.30pm.
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  3. 13 May 2020 Yurt café, Katharine's Precinct, 2 Butcher Row, London E14 8DS. Starts at 6.30pm.
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  4. 16 May 2020. Poplar Union, E5 Roasthouse, 2 Cotall St, Poplar, London E14 6TL. Starts at 2.30pm.
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  5. 28 May 2020 The Canvas: Cafe & Creative Venue, 42 Hanbury St, Spitalfields, London E1 5JL. Starts at 6.30pm.
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