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School of Business and Management

Dr Eun-Seok Kim


Reader in Operations Management; Programme Director for MSc International Business

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 2351
Room Number: Room 4.25C, Francis Bancroft Building, Mile End Campus
Office Hours: Please refer to module outline.




Dr Eun-Seok Kim is a Reader in Operations Management at Queen Mary, University of London. He has BSc, MSc and PhD degrees in Operational Research from KAIST (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology), South Korea. Before joining Queen Mary, he was a Senior Lecturer in Operations Management and Programme Leader in MSc Global Supply Chain Management at Middlesex University.



  • BUS002: Operations Management
  • BUS260: Quantitative Analytics


  • BUSM103: Dissertation for International Business
  • BUSM190 Introduction to Coding with Python
  • BUSM192 Cryptocurrency and Blockchain Programming
  • BUSM224 Introduction to Management Science


Research Interests:

  • Methodologies: Mathematical Programming, Combinatorial Optimisation, Stochastic Analysis.
  • Applications: Operations and Supply Chain Management

Dr Kim’s main research interest falls within the field of operations and supply chain management specialising in combinatorial optimisation and scheduling theory. He is also interested in applications of operational research, especially optimisation, to various problem areas including telecommunication and actuarial science.

Centre and Group Membership:


  • Kim, E.-S. and I.-S. Lee, “Genetic Algorithm for two-machine flowshop scheduling with outsourcing lead-time”, forthcoming in Engineering Optimization.
  • Karmi-Zare, A., H. Shakouri, A. Kazemi and E. -S. Kim (2024), “Aggregate Production Planning and Energy Supply Management in Steel Industry with Onsite Energy Generation System: A Multi-objective Robust Optimisation Model”, International Journal of Production Economics, 269, 109149.
  • Kim, E.-S. and I.-S. Lee (2022), “Scheduling of two-machine flowshop with outsourcing lead-times”, Computers and Operations Research, 145, 105864.
  • Kim, H.-J., E.-S. Kim, J. Lee, L. Tang and Y. Yang (2022), "Single Machine Scheduling with Energy Generation and Storage Systems", International Journal of Production Research, 60(23), 7033-7052.
  • Kim, H.-J., E.-S. Kim and J. Lee (2022), “Scheduling of step-improving jobs with an identical improving rate”, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 73(5), 1127-1136.
  • Kazemi, A., E.-S. Kim and M.-H. Kazemi (2021), "Identifying and prioritizing delay factors in Iran’s oil construction projects", International Journal of Energy Sector Management, 15(3), 476-495.
  • Asimit, A.V., T. Gao, J. Hu and E.-S. Kim (2018), “Optimal Risk Transfer: Numerical Optimisation for Actuarial Applications”, North American Actuarial Journal, 22(3), 341 – 364. 
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  • Asimit, A. V., A. M. Badescu, S. Haberman and E.–S. Kim (2016), “Efficient Risk Allocation within a Non-life Insurance Group under Solvency II Regime”, Insurance: Mathematics and Economics, 66, 60-76. 
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  • Kim, E.–S. (2011), “Scheduling of uniform parallel machines with s-precedence constraints”, Mathematical and Computer Modelling, 54(1-2), 576-583. 
  • Kim, E.–S and I.–S. Lee (2011), “Integrated inventory-distribution planning in a (1:N) supply chain system with heterogeneous vehicles incorporated”, International Journal of Management Science, 17(2),1-22.
  • Kim, E.–S. and M. E. Posner (2010), “Parallel machine scheduling with s-precedence constraints”, IIE Transactions, 42(7), 525-537. 
  • Kim, E.-S., C. S. Sung and I–S. Lee (2009), “Scheduling of parallel machines to minimize total completion time subject to s-precedence constraints”, Computers and Operations Research, 36(3), 698-710. 


Areas of Supervision Expertise:

Dr Eun-Seok Kim welcomes prospective doctoral students with a research interest in applications of operational research, especially optimisation, to various problem areas including logistics and supply chains. Students with background in mathematics, computer science, or industrial engineering are particularly welcome to apply.

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