School of Business and Management

Xiancheng Li

 Xiancheng Li


1st Supervisor: Dr Pietro Panzarasa
2nd Supervisor: Mauricio Barahona

Project title:

Group diversity and scientific innovation: A network study of expertise retrieval and collaboration in modern science.

Project description:

Research question:

  • What are the key competencies of a research group that are associated with scientific innovation, and what is the role played by group diversity (i.e, interdisciplinarity) in knowledge creation?

By answering this question, my study aims to meet the following objectives: 1) to offer a new method through which the interdisciplinarity/diversity of a group based on Heterogeneous Information Networks can be measured; 2)to uncover the key determinants of successful scientific collaboration and scientific innovation. Ultimately, I wish to investigate the network foundations of group success in modern science.