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Creative Accounting: Growing Mindsets for Business and Finance Professionals

Creative Accounting: Our Highlights

Learn about the dynamic synergy of Creative Accounting. where partnering with academia, professionals, and the arts accelerates integrative thinking in accounting and business. 


Creative Accounting investigates how the creative arts and playful methodologies can disrupt traditional business mindsets, build future work capacity for uncertain and complex environments, and promote more integrated approaches to business.

Creative Accounting partners with academics, professional associations, practitioners, and the creative arts to combine the approaches of business and management, social science, and practice-research to accelerate integrative forms of thinking, measurement and value within accounting and business practice.

Our world is changing from the predictable and stable business settings we're used to. Now, things are becoming more uncertain, unstable, and there are multiple crises to handle. In this new business landscape, accountants and business directors are expected to step up and take charge. To handle these changes well, they need to adopt different ways of thinking about business.

A proven effective approach to influencing, involving, and reshaping the perspectives of business directors involves leveraging creative arts, playfulness, and performance-based interventions. By employing these methods, we utilise the creative arts as a strategic tool, akin to a 'trojan horse,' to instigate positive changes within businesses and facilitate a change in directors’ mindsets. Early instances of such strategies have demonstrated success in various contexts, including the accountancy sector in Australia. Through collaboration and adaptation, this initiative aims to bring these proven techniques to the United Kingdom.

Creative Accounting: Growing Mindsets for Business and Finance Professionals

School of Business and Management
Queen Mary University of London
London, E1 4NS



Alessandro Merendino:

Dr. Merendino's research is a focused exploration into the complexities of corporate governance, particularly delving into board dynamics and the strategic decision-making processes of directors. With a meticulous approach, he dissects the intricacies of governance structures, offering valuable insights that bridge theory and practical application in the world of finance.

A testament to his commitment to scholarly depth, Dr. Merendino's expertise extends beyond traditional academic realms. As a chartered accountant on both sides of the English Channel, he brings a unique blend of theoretical knowledge and hands-on experience to the classroom. His teachings transcend textbooks, providing students with a practical understanding of financial concepts rooted in real-world scenarios.

Dr. Merendino is supported on this project with:

Maureen Meadows, Nick Henry, Scott deLaHunta (Coventry University)

Nick McGuigan (Monash University)



Wednesday 24 January, Creative Accounting Networking and Panel:

Discover Creative Accounting in an event examining art-based interventions challenging business perspectives on digital technologies and sustainability. Attend for professional networking, an immersive creative experience, and a panel discussion. Sign up for the event here


Read about our latest report on Creative Accounting.

Find our report here: Creative Accounting: Growing Mindsets for Business and Finance Professionals [PDF 2,276KB].


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