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Amrita Manohar

 Amrita Manohar


Project title

The impact of institutions on Indian born global firms.

Project description

Summary: Born global firms (BGs) are young companies that internationalize at establishment or shortly after and are considered to be beneficial to the country’s economy. However, they are also more vulnerable to the external institutional environment, compared to traditional firms and multinational enterprises. This research studies Indian BGs, as the country showcases a dynamic institutional setting while also introducing policies and measures aimed at supporting young companies. Despite its rapid growth in the recent years, India epitomizes subnational heterogeneity from a political and regulatory standpoint, which in turn can affect the operation and performance of BGs. This research particularly focusses on understanding the performance of Indian BGs by drawing on institutional theory and the network theory. It seeks to contribute to the growing body of academic studies on BGs and answers calls for research on the impact of the environment on BGs present in an under-researched emerging economy.


1st Supervisor: Dr Eleni Lioliou
2nd Supervisor: Dr Martha Prevezer


Amrita is currently pursuing her PhD in Business and Management and working as a teaching fellow/teaching associate in subjects related to business, strategy and project management. She has an academic background in management, finance, technology and engineering. Professionally, Amrita has worked in the areas of project management and software engineering.

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