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Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal

 Beatriz Rodriguez-Satizabal


Project title

Financing firms in developing economies: from stand-alone to business groups. The case of Colombia, 1950-1980.

Project description

Her doctoral research concentrates on the growth from stand-alone companies to one business system with a dominance of diversified family business groups, multinational enterprises in key sectors, generally of U.S. origin; and, finally, state-owned enterprises then privatised. Her research is an attempt to rethink the manner in which financial and real variables interact to form a variety of ownership structures. Her PhD aims to deliver the means by which developing economies evolved from a loose aggregation of small firms to a large, complex, and strongly concentrated corporate governance system by focusing on the evolution of business groups in Colombia between 1950 and 1980.

Project in questions:

What accounts for the origin of business groups in developing countries during the second half of the twentieth century?

  • What are the characteristics of the Colombian business groups, 1950-1980? 
  • What was the relationship between the sources of capital and the creation of internal markets in business groups?
  • What were the effects of new financial institutions and commercial banks’ functions in the business groups’ investment choices?


1st Supervisor: Dr Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay
2nd Supervisor: Professor Sean McCartney


Beatriz holds degrees of Economics (BSc) from Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) and Economic History (MSc) from London School of Economics and Political Science (UK). She worked as Director of Special Projects at Portafolio-Casa Editorial El Tiempo (Colombia). Afterwards, she joined the School of Management Universidad de los Andes (Colombia) as junior lecturer and member of their History, Business and Entrepreneurship Research Group. She specializes in business history. More specifically, her current research focuses on the evolution of the business system during the twentieth century in Latin America, with a special emphasis in Colombia. However, her interests span many more economic history and entrepreneurship topics, as her past reviews for the NEPHIS Blog and her current membership of the Centre for Globalisation Research show. She has been student representative of 2016 PhD cohort and is the current Economic History Society student ambassador for QMUL.


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  • Rodriguez-Satizabal, B. (2017, diciembre). Buscando capital en el siglo XXI: de ‘mis parientes cercanos’ a ‘la multitud’. Crowdfunding e historia empresarial. Boletín Red de Estudios de Historia de Empresas No. 25, pp. 3-7.
  • Rodríguez-Satizábal, B.E. (2014). Grupos económicos en Colombia (1974 – 1998): Entre pequeña empresa familiar y gran familia de empresas. In Martin Monsalve Z. (Ed.), Grupos Económicos y Mediana Empresa Familiar en América Latina (Lima, Universidad del Pacífico, 2014), pp. 41-86. ISBN 978-9972-57-275-3
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