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PhD Studentships


Queen Mary student in a laboratoryThe Faculty of Science and Engineering hosts over 900 doctoral research students supervised by more than 300 academic research staff, and with access to world-leading facilities. Our students are well supported by Queen Mary's doctoral college.

We also host multiple UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) funded Centres for Doctoral Training and Doctoral Training Partnerships in areas such as AI in MusicIntelligent Games and Game Intelligence and Data-Intensive Science in Particle Physics and Astronomy.

For 2022 entry, Queen Mary University of London will be offering four fully-funded doctoral studentships (tuition fees and stipend at the UKRI London rate) to UK applicants from a BAME background. Two BAME studentships will be awarded in the Faculty of Science and Engineering. 

Studentships for 2022 entry

39 fully-funded studentships are available for September 2022 entry across this Faculty in our five strategic research themes. 

We also have studentships available under the Chinese Scholarship CouncilCONACyT and Colfutro scholarship schemes. 


Social interaction, health and wellbeing

Principal's studentships 

  • Metaphors we share: Leveraging cross-sensory associations in communication Supervisor: Charalampos Saitis (EECS)
  • Binary Deep Learning for XR Supervisor: Georgios Tzimiropoulos (EECS)
  • Machine Learning for Analysis of Affect and Mental Health Supervisor: Ioannis Patras (EECS)
  • Conversational interpretation in support of mental health issues identification Supervisor: Massimo Poesio (EECS)
  • Meaning coordination in dialogue Supervisor: Matthew Purver (EECS)
  • Sensing Social Health Supervisor: Patrick Healey (EECS)
  • Development of affective functioning in adolescents and its relationship to mental health Supervisor: Isabelle Mareschal (SBBS)

China Scholarship Council

  • Multi-modal, Context-aware Understanding of Emotions in XR environments Supervisor: Georgios Tzimiropoulos (EECS)   
  • Personalized scientific-grading sleep monitoring in home environments Supervisor: Huy Phan (EECS)
  • Real-time Speech Understanding and Confidence Models for Social Care Robots Supervisor: Julian Hough (EECS)
  • Interactive social robots for the future of chicken farms Supervisor: Lorenzo Jamone (EECS)
  • Experimenting with Conversational Facial Expressions Supervisor: Patrick Healey (EECS)
  • Improved Decision Support for the Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Injury using Gait Data Supervisor: William Marsh (EECS)
  • Neuronal control of food intake and stress response on neurodegeneration Supervisor: CH Brennan (SBBS)
  • Genetics of social interactions and social learning Supervisor: CH Brennan (SBBS)
  • Losing flexible behaviour? Mapping effects of GPS on prefrontal function during wayfinding Supervisor: Daniel Bor (SBBS)
  • Drowsiness Monitoring during Human-Computer Interaction Supervisor: Valdas Noreika (SBBS)
  • The impact of online communication on interbrain synchronization and collaborative creativity Supervisor: Caroline Di Bernardi Luft (SBBS)
  • Nurturing noncognitive skills in education: Laying the foundations for a digital twin intervention Supervisor: Margherita Malanchini (SBBS)
  • WeCollab: mapping the dynamics of collaborative creativity through a novel measure Supervisor: Caroline Di Bernardi Luft (SBBS)
  • Towards early identification and prevention of depression and suicidality in young people Supervisor: Giorgia Michelini (SBBS)
  • Psychiatric disorders and cognitive decline in diverse UK cohorts Supervisor: Jessica Agnew-Blais (SBBS)
  • Expanding Space & Contracting Time: Cross-species investigation of passage of time on our memories Supervisor: Eva Zita Patai (SBBS)
  • Connected interactions in teaching and learning Supervisor: Elisabetta Versace (SBBS)
  • Acute impacts of physical exercise on emotional reactivity Supervisor: Frederike Beyer (SBBS)
  • Building translational models of effects of exercise on social development Supervisor: Frederike Beyer (SBBS)
  • Assistive Robotic Mobile Manipulation for Elderly in Care Settings Supervisor: Ketao Zhang (SEMS)
  • A miniature low-cost assistive robotic system for disabled and elderly Supervisor: Hasan Shaheed (SEMS)


  • Extracting scientific insights from online health boards using artificial intelligence Supervisor: Conrad Bessant (SBBS)                        
  • Genetics of hypomania and impulse control; delineating causal relations Supervisor: CH Brennan (SBBS)
  • Using information theory to diagnose Alzheimer’s disease and predict disease progression Supervisor: Daniel Bor (SBBS)
  • Leveraging longitudinal studies to uncover shared underpinnings of adolescent mental health conditions Supervisor: Giorgia Michelini (SBBS)
  • Gene-environment interplay in the development of cognitive and academic abilities Supervisor: Margherita Malanchini (SBBS)
  • Waking to Dreaming and Back: Exploring Sleep-Wake Interactions on Cognitive Function Supervisor: Eva Zita Patai (SBBS)
  • Changes in ADHD from childhood to adulthood and physical health outcomes Supervisor: Jessica Agnew-Blais (SBBS)
  • The role of A13 dopamine neurons in reaching and grasping behaviour Supervisor: John Apergis-Schoute (SBBS)
  • Waste to Energy: harvesting energy from wastewater and waste heat using graphene-based membranes Supervisor: Hasan Shaheed (SEMS)


AI and Data Modelling

  • Training new bio-factories Supervisor: Guy Hanke (SBBS)
  • Combinatorial algorithms for combinatorial optimisation Supervisor: Justin Ward (SMS)
  • Solving Complex Dynamical Systems in Finance: Mathematical Foundations and Applications Supervisor: Kathrin Glau (SMS)
  • Deep Learning in Finance: Mathematical Foundations and Applications Supervisor: Linus Wunderlich (SMS)
  • Statistical Modeling for Complex Observation Data: Applications to Intelligent Transport System Supervisor: Prajamitra Bhuyan (SMS)

Find out how to apply for a PhD at Queen Mary. The deadline for applications is 30 January 2022

More information about our PhD opportunities can also be found on the relevant School website:

Further information for our international applicants can be found on our dedicated International pages

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