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Students in Crisis

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Help in a crisis

What to do - Immediately Urgent Situations

It is urgent if:

  • They need urgent medical attention
  • They are actively /immediately at risk of suicide / serious self-harm
  • They seem so acutely unwell that they are at serious risk of harm to themselves or someone else Action:
  • Take them to a quiet and safe place if possible
  • Get help from someone else – it is safer not to manage this situation alone. Queen Mary Mental Health First Aiders can help: list of Queen Mary MHFAs.
  • Make a note of the student’s name, mobile number and student number if possible Call 999 for an ambulance (with or without the student’s consent) and contact Queen Mary Security on 3333 – they will coordinate ambulance access onto campus.

Follow Up - Immediately Urgent Situations

How you follow up is almost as important as how you manage the crisis. It is important that students get appropriate support in the aftermath of a crisis.

  • Email a record of: what happened, who else was involved and the student’s name and contact details as soon as possible. The mental health team within the Advice and Counselling Service (ACS) will liaise with emergency services, Accident and Emergency and other relevant agencies, and will contact the student to offer support
  • Talk to your line manager and relevant colleagues about what happened and any necessary further actions
  • Liaise with the mental health team within ACS for advice and support about any next steps your School or department might need to take
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