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Student Advice and Signposting Hub

Advice and Assistance from the Students' Union

The Students’ Union can provide advice and assistance to students on a range of issues. They can offer students confidential advice and representation on a range of academic issues including:

  • Applications for extenuating circumstances
  • Requests for a review of an exam board decision
  • Allegations of plagiarism or an examination offence
  • Allegations of breach of the Code of Student Discipline
  • Appeals against the outcome of a disciplinary hearing, either under the Academic Misconduct Policy regulations or the Code of Student Discipline
  • Appeals against de-registration from a module or course
  • Complaints regarding a member of staff or course delivery
  • Bullying or harassment by a member of staff or fellow student
  • PhD supervision
  • Fitness to practice issues.

They can offer advice on statements and accompany students to hearings either to represent the student or to provide moral support. They also act as a referral point on matters such as immigration, finance or mental health. Unfortunately, due to limited resources, the Students’ Union can only offer advice to current students, and to students who contact the service within three months of graduating. They also have a dual representation rule, so cannot advise students who are already being represented by someone else.

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