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Complaints and Appeals

You must consult both the 'Student Complaints Policy FAQs’ and 'Formal Appeal and Final Review guidance' documents:

’Student Complaints Policy FAQs’: Students wishing to make a complaint may do so under the Queen Mary Student Complaints Policy. Formal Complaints normally go to the School/Institute in the first instance; students must complete a Formal Complaint form and submit it with their evidence to the relevant Head/Director.

'Formal Appeal and Final Review guidance’: Students wishing to submit an appeal may do so under the Queen Mary Appeal Policy.

Appeals can only be submitted against certain decisions (most commonly but not limited to assessment, progression, and award decisions; termination of enrolment decisions; decisions arising from other Queen Mary policies such as the Academic Misconduct Policy or the Code of Student Discipline), and on specific grounds (procedural error and/or exceptional circumstances); all of the relevant information regarding the types of decisions students can appeal, as well as the acceptable grounds for appeal, is contained in the opening sections of the Appeal Policy.

See further information on the Academic Misconduct Policy.

Further information on the Code of Student Discipline. Any action taken under the Academic Misconduct Policy or the Code of Student Discipline will follow a decision by the student’s School/Institute or the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office.

The student should be encouraged to follow the instructions they have been given or to contact the Appeals, Complaints and Conduct Office for further guidance (

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