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Student Advice and Signposting Hub

Academic Support

Students may need support from the Library Learning Support and Engagement if:

- They are struggling and/or want better grades. The remit of Library Learning Support and Engagement is to support students across all disciplines and at all levels improve their academic and information literacy skills so that they are more effective learners. Support can be provided in the form of workshops for particular cohorts around a specific assignment, alongside online materials, a range of workshops students can self-enrol on and 1-2-1 advice. Encouraging students to seek such support - rather than providing it directly yourself - is a way of encouraging independent study.

- They are unfamiliar with academic conventions/culture. Students may require support transitioning from one type of educational system to another.

- Starting a year at university - whether as an undergraduate or postgraduate, first second or final year - involves a change in culture, environment and expectations that may take some time to assimilate and accommodate. Students come to academic study from school, work and/or another country.

- They are lacking motivation/find it difficult to manage their time. Many students have issues with time management and organisational skills. Time Management is widely regarded as one of the most important skill for academic success; it is fundamentally related to students’ self-efficacy and engagement. Students often worry that they are falling behind, which can spiral into further problems.  1-2-1 tuition can be provided in this area as well as workshops and should be the first port of call for students experiencing issues.

See further information on Academic Support and Library Learning Support and Engagement.

Other situations not covered by the Library Learning Support and Engagement team:

- Specific learning differences - The Academic Study Skills Tutors in the Wellbeing Team can provide support alongside the Disability and Dyslexia Service.

- Poor use of English - Students should be referred to the language centre in the first instance if a student has issues with grammar, punctuation and/or the correct form of their Academic English. See more information on the language centre.

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