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School of Languages, Linguistics and Film

Insessional Programmes

English language and Study Skills modules are your passport to greater academic achievement in your course of study at Queen Mary.

We offer a wide range of in-sessional modules which can help you to maximise your performance at university and improve the quality of your academic assignments. If you are an international student, and English is not your first language, then these modules are suitable for you. Home students who have English as their first language also find they benefit from the academic skills that these modules develop.  

Some modules are credit-bearing and may be offered as part of your programme diet; other modules are non-credit bearing and either develop your general academic skills or develop your skills in relation to a specific degree programme or school. All modules focus on English for academic purposes and include: writing for your discipline, English grammar, proofreading skills, presentation skills and lecture comprehension.

All these courses are entirely free to the students and there are no extra costs for materials. The maximum class size is 30, but the average is 16. Most classes last two hours and are once a week, except for Credit-Bearing modules (EAL4750 and EAL4760), which meet twice weekly for 2 hours on each occasion. The minimum age to enrol on In-sessional modules is 17 years on the 1st of September of the year of enrolment.

The following modules are being offered Online for Semester 2 of academic year 2020/21.

Module Code Module Title Module Credit 
Level Duration
EAL4610 The Process of Writing 0 4 5 weeks
EAL4621 Principles of Academic Writing 1 0 4 10 weeks
EAL4622 Principles of Academic Writing 2 0 4 10 weeks
EAL4660 Effective Participation in Seminars 0 4 5 weeks
EAL4650 Effective Presentation Skills 0 4 5 weeks
EAL4680 Effective Pronunciation Skills 0 4 5 weeks
EAL4710 Reading and Writing Critically 0 4 10 weeks
EAL4720 Expand Your Vocabulary in English 0 4 5 weeks
EAL4732 Grammar in Context 2 0 4 10 weeks
EAL4760 Exploring Spoken English 15 4 10 weeks
EAL4791 Critical Thinking and Writing in Law: Literacy Development 0 6 10 weeks
EAL5600 Morphology of British Culture 15 5 10 weeks
EAL6200 Inter-cultural Communication for the Global Workplace 0 6

5 weeks

EAL6201 Professional Writing for the Global Workplace 0 6

5 weeks

EAL6207 Description of Language 15 6 10 weeks
EAL7620 Research Writing Workshop 0 7 10 weeks
EAL7801 Critical Thinking Writing for Global Health 0 7 10 weeks
EAL7821 Critical Thinking & Writing for Politics and International Relations 0 7 10 weeks
EAL7831 Critical Thinking & Writing for Applied Linguistics 0 7 10 weeks
EAL7881 Critical Thinking Writing for Dental Sciences 0 7 10 weeks


The 10-week insessional modules start in Teaching Week 2 of Semester 2 and continue till the end of Week 12 of Semester 2.

The 5-week insessional modules run twice each semester. First, they start in Teaching Week 2 and continue till the end of Week 6. Then, another run of the 5-week modules start in Week 8 and continue till the end of Week 12.

We observe a Reading Week in Teaching Week 7 and do not teach during this week.

Dates for Semester 2 of academic year 2020/21:

Registration opens: 4th January 2021

Teaching begins: 1st February 2021

Reading week: 8-12 March 2021

Teaching ends: 16th April 2021

To register for Non-Credit bearing Modules

Log into MySIS, choose the In-sessional Course Bookings from the menu, and follow the instructions.

To register for Credit Bearing Modules,

Please check your programme diet, consult your academic advisor and/or your Erasmus/Study Abroad co-ordinator.

To obtain more information:

Please email our Insessional Programme Administration Team who will be happy to assist you with further information regarding QMUL’s Insessional Programmes. Email Programme Administration Team

Employability Modules

Inter-Cultural Communication for the Global Workplace and Professional Writing for the Global Workplace

Non-credit bearing