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Sexual Harassment and Violence

Stop violence

Being physically attacked, raped, sexually assaulted or harassed is a very distressing experience which can have long lasting effects and a significant impact on someone’s wellbeing.

Queen Mary's Report and Support pages offer information about local and national support services for anyone in this situation. There is also the option to make a report to the University, either anonymously or with contact details.    

For issues which occur on campus there is a Security Team at Queen Mary who are responsible for maintaining safety and security on campuses. You can find out more about what they do and how to contact them on the Security website. The security team also have a list of safe spaces which are open 24/7 for students travelling between campuses or students who are in the local area. Any student can access these if they are feeling unsafe or harassed.

An essential part of our commitment to making Queen Mary safe and respectful for all is in helping everyone to have a clear understanding of sexual consent. We want our community to stay safe and we all have a responsibility to help keep it that way. On QMplus you can access a short course called Consent Matters, in this course you will learn how to recognise and ask for sexual consent, look out for others, and where to find support if you need it. We expect all students to complete this module in the first two weeks of term.

Staff members concerned about a student

Queen Mary staff who are worried about a student should read and follow the Students in Urgent Situations Guide.

Supporting yourself

It is important that you don’t take on too much and feel alone and burdened by someone else’s distress. It won’t help them or you and may end up affecting your relationship.

If you need support to deal with the situation you can call one of the helplines below or you can arrange an appointment to speak in confidence with a University counsellor.

External Support

Student Minds recently launched a 'Look After Your Mate' campaign which aims to give students the knowledge, confidence and skills they need to support their friends. Take a look at their online guide full of practical tips on supporting a mate and student stories.

Leeds University Student Counselling Service have also produced a useful leaflet 'Helping a Friend' which is available to download from their Common Problems page.

The Samaritans are available to talk to all day, every day. They can be contacted by telephone, email, letter or face to face in one of their local branches.
Tel: 116 123

Nightline is a confidential listening and information service run by students for students term time only.
Tel: 020 7631 0101

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