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Processes and Policies


The policy you need to refer to is located under Academic Regulations. It sets out Queen Mary's expectations regarding attendance and the actions to be taken in the event of concern. To discuss a case in more detail, please contact the Student Records team.


The Interruption of Study Policy is the key document while the Academic Regulations include further (higher level) information – P33 sets out Queen Mary’s expectations of Interruption of Enrolment. Queen Mary's Advice and Counselling Service has created guidance for students.


There are several reasons why a student is subject to de-registration; non-payment of fees, academic failure, and failure to engage with classes are the most common reasons.

You need to check the Academic Regulations on Deregistration and contact the School Student Support Officer for follow up support post face to face meetings. Staff queries can be made to the Student Records Team in the event of doubt, and also (in cases of non-engagement) to the School’s Student Support Officer, who will be involved with that process.

Policy: Academic Regulations – Deregistration and Withdrawal.

More information about making a change to your studies.

Extenuating circumstances

Students need to complete a Extenuating Circumstances Form on MySiS. It allows them to register claims against assessment elements/modules where it is felt that illness or other circumstances led to non-attendance or non-submission. It is important that Advisors try to manage student’s expectations regarding ECs.

More information is available on the Student Experience guidance page

Queen Mary policies relating to student support

The University has an array of policies which refer to how we support students and we have divided these into two categories: those that relate to university regulations and those which describe how we support students:

Academic policies, regulations and procedures

Academic Regulations 2023/24 - the Academic Regulations set out important rules about student programmes and study journey.

Assessment Handbook 2023/24 - the Assessment Handbook sets out important rules and recommendations about assessment.

Relationships between Staff and Students Policy - this policy sets out the University’s expectations with regards to personal relationships between staff members and students.

Appeals Policy 2023/24 – this policy explains how a student can appeal decisions made by the University which impact their studies, as well as the procedure which will be followed if they decide to make an appeal.

Academic Misconduct Policy 2023/24 – this policy explains how the University responds to concerns about academic integrity in students assessments. It outlines the procedure followed when academic misconduct is investigated, the possible outcomes, and the student's rights during the process.

Student Complaint Policy 2023/24 - this policy explains how a student can raise concerns about matters affecting the quality of their learning and student experience, and how they can expect the university to handle and respond to their concerns. The Student Complaint Policy is also used when a student make a formal complaint about the conduct of another student, for example, if they request a formal investigation via Report and Support.

Code of Student Discipline 2022/24 – this policy explains behaviours and actions which the University considers to be misconduct, and how they will be addressed.

Supporting students

Sometimes students do not engage with the support that is on offer to them. While they are under no obligation to access support services, if their ability to successfully study their chosen programme is at risk you may wish to invoke the Fitness to Study policy. This is a supportive process designed to engage the student – many students identify more strongly with their School or Institute than anywhere else at the University, and by introducing support and wellbeing services via their School we try to ensure the student secures access to any appropriate supportive mechanisms.

  • For the full suite of University policy and regulations please visit the Policy Zone on the ARCS website.

Student facing guides regarding interrupting, Extenuating Circumstances, Withdrawal, etc.

Extenuating Circumstances guide - students must apply for Extenuating Circumstances through their School or Institute. This is now done using MySIS.

Interrupting studies policy

Students wishing to change programmes

Students wishing to Interrupt their studies

Students wishing to withdraw or transfer to another university

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