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Student Advice and Signposting Hub

Introduction to Student Diversity

Queen Mary prides itself on being the most inclusive university of its kind, anywhere. We have a unique profile compared to other research-intensive universities in the Russell Group in that we have a (large) majority of state school educated students, many of whom are the first in the family to attend university. The composition of our student cohort mirrors that of a great multi-cultural city like London in the third decade of the 21st century.

This part of the Advisor Hub is designed to help you recognise the differences in our student population and to highlight some of the services and resources that they may need to utilise during their time at the university.

In your role a student may approach you for advice. In these situations

You should:

• Use Active Listening skills

• Signpost students to campus and community support and resources

• Follow up the meeting with an email

You should not:

• Set up regular meetings to uncover the issues surrounding the student’s wellbeing challenges, i.e., take on the role of a counsellor

• Attempt to advise the student beyond signposting, each individual’s situation is personal to them

*Agree to provide students with personal phone numbers, non-QM email addresses or social media contacts 

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