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Group work

In Queen Mary some Advisor meetings may be group meetings. Being able to work effectively as a group is necessary in most Programmes of study so group work tutorials can be an important space to help student understand how to be effective group members.

 A group of cartoon people joined in a triangleDuhigg (2016) noted in a study of 180 teams in Google that the most outstanding teams had members that made each other feel safe. These had the following characteristics;

  • Members shared speaking time equitably
  • Members were “skilled in intuiting how others felt based on their tone of voice, expressions and non-verbal cues”.

In 2018, Gilbert explored teaching students in groups compassionate micro skills by giving them an awareness of dysfunction in groups (e.g. monopolising students, quiet students) and how this can be managed. You can find out more about Gilbert’s recommendations on the Compassionate in Education Wordpress site.  

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