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Fundamental Discovery Science


Theoretical and Particle Physics 

Theoretical physics research in the faculty engages in global efforts to discover, improve and challenge the theories describing the fundamental laws of nature. We strive to develop novel, cutting edge theoretical ideas and advance efficient computational methods relevant to experiments ranging from particle colliders to gravitational wave experiments. 

Astronomy and Gravitational Waves 

Researcher explores the universe, from modelling the Sun's atmosphere and discovering distant planets, to examining the cosmos on the largest scales both in space and in time. Gravitational research is concerned with the study of gravity at its most extreme, including the Big Bang and formation of black holes and the radiation emitted by the collision of astrophysical objects. QMUL is part of the LIGO and LISA scientific collaborations working to detect gravitational waves.  

Pure and Applied Mathematics, Algebra and Number Theory 

Fundamental research in mathematics is concerned with the development of analysis methods with an eye to applications in pde theory, geometry and probability. Further research aims to address fundamental questions in pure mathematics involving group and representation theory, number theory, logic and category theory.  

Cell and Structural Biology  

Research across the faculty examines fundamental cellular processes underpinning normal cellular homeostasis with implications for development, health, ageing and disease. Examples include the biophysics of cells during development, the role of nutrition and epigenetics in developmental plasticity, mechanisms of chromosome segregation and fundamental mechanobiology.  

Evolutionary Genetics and Genomics   

Research focuses on the ecological and evolutionary aspects of population divergence, speciation and hybridisation. We have a particular strength in genomics, with staff working on diverse non-model species encompassing trees, arthropods, fishes and mammals. Key research topics include genome duplication, developmental genetics, early evolution of sex chromosomes, eco-evolutionary dynamics, parallel evolution, and the genomics of domestication. 


Research highlights

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