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Engineering better medicine

The strategic theme “Engineering Better Medicine” focuses on interdisciplinary research initiatives at Queen Mary University of London, to innovate and develop novel health care and diagnostic technologies for the future.
The current research initiatives stretch across the scales from nanofabricated biosensors to rehabilitation engineering and robotics, and include the development of:
  • Ultra-selective membranes enable high value manufacturing for life science
  • Nanofabricated biosensors and Bioelectronic Sensors for preclinical testing or next-generation Point of Care Devices
  • Next generation organ-chip models for integrating 3D mechano-predictive environments
  • Machine learning and Computational modelling for the detection of disease or risk stratification on the example of preterm birth
  • Neuromotor control for rehabilitation engineering
  • Fundamental research into the nanoscale architecture of tissues
  • Advanced additive biofabrication processes for tissue and organ manufacturing with multifunctional biomaterials


Viji Draviam

Research highlights

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