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Graduate Attributes and Values

Graduate Attributes

Graduate attributes are the knowledge, skills and behaviours that Queen Mary students develop as a result of their learning and experiences at university. They are closely linked to but go beyond the core disciplinary content of a student’s programme of study. They are the qualities that prepare graduates to succeed in an ever-changing global job market and become active global citizens.

Graduate attributes are embedded within programmes and modules. They are written into programme and module specifications. Queen Mary is currently in the process of reviewing and updating attributes for all programmes across the university to ensure they are adequately preparing students for today’s workplace. For more information please visit the graduate attributes workstream webpages.

Students should be made aware of what the graduate attributes are for their chosen programme and modules. These can be signposted to students in a number of ways, for example shown on QMplus, discussed in teaching, or incorporated into assessment. Advisors should be aware of programme level graduate attributes in order to be able to discuss with students the range of potential career pathways their skills and attributes can offer them. Access Queen Mary programme specifications with details of programme-level graduate attributes.

Queen Mary Values

Queen Mary graduate attributes reflect the Queen Mary Values: Inclusive, Proud, Ambitious, Collegial and Ethical. These values are threaded through all the work that we do at Queen Mary.

Queen Mary’s mission is to be the most inclusive university of its kind, anywhere.

This is Queen Mary’s central mission, and why Inclusive appears as the first core institutional value. This is carried out in practice through an inclusive curriculum approach which follows these central principles: empower, develop, co-create, reflect, diversity, value, enable and encourage. Read more on the inclusive curriculum.

All Advisors need to be aware of the Queen Mary values and the ways in which they can enact these values in practice. In terms of Advisor roles, this includes taking an inclusive approach to ensure that all students are able to access and understand the support you offer. You should encourage students to be proud of their time at Queen Mary and ambitious in their aspirations for the future. All interactions with advisees should be conducted in a collegial and ethical manner.

View the Values in Action Conversation Guide to support advisors.

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