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Queen Mary Academy

Graduate attributes

Graduate Attributes are the knowledge, skills and behaviours that Queen Mary students develop as a result of their learning and experiences at university

Our updated Queen Mary Graduate Attributes Framework

As a Queen Mary graduate, you will:

  • Communicate effectively in a range of formats for different purposes with a diverse range of people 
  • Respect, listen to, and value others and their opinions
  • Recognise and value your individual worth and identify the contributions you can make
  • Identify clear personal, study and career goals, taking responsibility for your own growth and development
  • Apply a flexible and resilient approach to your life
  • Engage critically and reflectively with knowledge
  • Demonstrate an innovative and creative approach to problem solving
  • Apply your disciplinary expertise to broader contexts and society
  • Be digitally fluent
  • Participate effectively and inclusively in different roles as part of a team, including as a leader 
  • Collaborate with a diverse range of colleagues  
  • Act honestly, fairly and ethically, including in academic conduct
  • Promote socially responsible behaviour for a global sustainable future
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