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Queen Mary Academy


The Queen Mary Academy delivers university-wide support and development of education and research. We work with staff and students to develop and enhance their practice in teaching, learning, and research.

We deliver a range of continuing professional development opportunities for academic staff, teaching staff, research staff, and research students to progress and achieve recognition in their practice. Our range of programmes are inclusive and accessible with many opportunities offered online as well as face-to-face.

We collaborate with the community on strategic projects to deliver the 2030 strategy for education and research excellence.


In support of Queen Mary’s 2030 Strategy, and its vision to ‘open the doors of opportunity’, our vision is to inspire excellence and innovation in educational practice and researcher practice1 at Queen Mary through co-creating and delivering sector leading opportunities for academic development and creating an inclusive community and culture.

1researcher practice includes: reading research articles; collecting research data; conducting research experiments; fieldwork; data analysis; data visualisation; writing up research findings; presenting research findings; applying for funding; and supervising and managing researchers.


We will achieve this through:

  1. delivering sector leading provision for academic practice development and support as an enabler to achieve excellence in education and research;
  2. co-creating and collaborating to achieve educational and researcher development;
  3. building communities for the advancement of educational and research practice using approaches such as peer-support, mentoring, and collaboration;
  4. contributing to the key strategic aims of the university including gaining recognition for excellence through Higher Education Measures of Esteem2;
  5. providing education and research management and leadership development opportunities and career wide support;
  6. promoting and supporting recognition of excellence and engagement of the academic community through our programmes, events and schemes.

2Higher Education Measures of esteem include: HR Excellence Award; Research Excellence Framework (REF); Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF); Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF); Higher Education Statistical Agency (HESA); National Student Survey (NSS); QS World Rankings; Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU); Equality Challenge Charters; and Advance HE Fellowship.


In line with Queen Mary’s vision and values, we will:

  1. be flexible, agile, efficient, and responsive;
  2. be inclusive, collegial, collaborative, and supportive;
  3. strive for excellence through quality, influencing, and inspiring;
  4. be evidence-led, undertaking reflection and scholarship in our practice;
  5. take a co-creation approach with students, colleagues and other stakeholders;
  6. model parity of esteem for education and research.