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Queen Mary Academy

Learner Interns Programme

Each year there will be opportunities for Queen Mary students to join the Academy's Learner Interns Programme (LIP), working on a range of projects.

Vice-Principal (Education)’s Student Research Internships 21/22

These educational research internships were established to capture the views of our diverse student population on their holistic student experience. In 2021/22 interns worked on two projects:

  1. Understanding students' views of what constitutes Teaching Excellence
    This work aims to increase understanding of our diverse students' perceptions of Teaching Excellence at Queen Mary.

  2. Developing Student Confidence
    This work aims to capture the student voice on how best to develop student confidence whilst studying at Queen Mary. This work will inform the development of tailored support for our students to ensure that they can reach their full potential.

Follow the link to read about the Reflections from the 2022 VP Student Research Interns.

Intern recruitment

Opportunities are advertised via QTemps and will be shared on this webpage.

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