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Queen Mary Academy

Go co-create: educators and learners as change makers

Strategy 2030 and Queen Mary values 

Co-creation is embedded in our Strategy 2030.

'We will deliver an outstanding, inclusive, world-class education and student experience, co-created with our diverse student body, enhanced by our world-leading research and latest technological developments.'

Our strategy builds on existing excellence to ensure that students are co-creators in their education and the learning environment’ (Excellence in Education)

We will continually develop new approaches to support students in their learning and make sure they have a clear voice in the development of the University, working closely with Queen Mary Students’ Union’ (Excellence in Student Engagement)

Co-creation is also deeply embedded in the Queen Mary values.

We will be collegial and promote a strong collegial community through openness, listening, understanding, co-operation and co-creation, ensuring focused delivery of our collective vision and strategy’.

Introducing co-creation

Professor Janet De Wilde, Director of the Queen Mary Academy, reflects on her experience of using co-creation and how it can have a transformative role both for learners and educators.

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