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Queen Mary Academy
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SEED Award

At Queen Mary we aim to empower our students to enhance and co-create their educational experience. The SEED Award was set up to recognise our students’ contribution to shaping their education.

What is the SEED Award?

SEED stands for Student Enhanced Engagement and Development.  The SEED Award recognises our students’ contributions and aims to encourage the development of new opportunities for all our students to engage with educational development across Queen Mary.A student standing in the library at Whitechapel

If you have worked on an activity relating to teaching or student learning, you can apply for a SEED Award. You’ll need to provide a written statement which outlines your contribution, together with an endorsement from a staff member.


The award is a great initiative that not only recognises students for their contributions but also offers them an opportunity to reflect on the work they have done, how it will/has impacted those around them and the Queen Mary community at large.
— SEED award winner, February 2022 panel

Benefits of taking part

The benefits for students include:A student standing in the library at Whitechapel

  • The opportunity to work alongside academics, co-creating your academic experience
  • Work to put feedback into action and improve your course
  • The chance to develop your skills, helping you stand out to potential employers
  • You will receive a certificate and the Award will feature on your HEAR transcript
It helped enhance my confidence and recap my knowledge of the content as well as enhance the confidence of those I helped.
— SEED award winner, February 2022 panel

Introductory Video

SEED Award Prize

Every year, the SEED Award Panel selects three outstanding SEED Award winners to receive the SEED Award Prize. You don’t need to submit a separate application for the SEED Award Prize – all SEED Award winners will automatically be considered for the SEED Award Prize.

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