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Queen Mary Academy

SEED Award Winners

Congratulations to over 100 SEED award winners!

2023/24 SEED award winners:

Madeline Ngmobo, Vanditha Widyalankara, Rebecca Walker, Mosfica Matin, Oluwatosin Oluwanife, Raiba Bhosale, Malalay Barekzai, Rawand Ahmed Shado, Viktoriia Sereda

You can see some of our case studies by using the links below.

Student worked extensively on improving the student experience in the School of History. (SoH)

Student was in involved in a project aimed to improve inclusive teaching for neurodiverse students by increasing engagement with training and other resources. (Law)

Student was part of a team of five who designed, developed, and led workshops tailored for the transition of BTEC/A-level students to BSc at QMUL. (SBM)

The project empowers students through a dynamic platform offering summarised concepts and refined revision strategies using AI prompting. (IoD)

Student worked on designing and implementing augmented reality guides for essential chemistry laboratory skills. (SPCS)

As a TELT Student Ambassador, the student works with other students and Professional Services staff to improve Queen Mary technology services. (Law)

2022/23 SEED award winners:

Yogesh Patel, Nora Mahdi, Haleema Rabeea*, Sriabitha Mohankumar, Anita Ann Winsome, Gurleen Kaur Muker*, Amy Smith*, Manasi Panshikar, Andrew Whitehead, Yi-Hsuan Chiang, Pranesh Kumar, Aaliyah Farah, Aashtad Cyrus Daruwalla, Amina Bellagh, Arpan Bhattacharya, Ayaa Alqallaf, Azaan Hafeez, Bisma Butt, Chi Him Jacky Ma, Fatma Al-Bahrani, Fiza Ali, Hinako Tamai, Ivan Manoza, Jawaad Ali, Jone Tamosauskaite, Juliana Louise Co, Kateryna Kolesnykova, Maha Khan, Mahnoor Imran, Michael Taylor, Molly Rooth Corder, Mustafa Iqbal, Najwa Arafah, Pranavendran Mahendran, Saadia Bhudye, Sadaf Shafaghmotlagh, Samaneh Aranji, Serena Ramjee, Shanza Khan, Sindi Semanaj, Sineka Kandeepan, Sofia Heras Valdivielso, Syed Bukhari, Tyler Christian, Umansh Agarwal, Wiktoria Karpiuk, Wissal El-Majdoub, Yingting Hao, Laraib Farooq and Parmis Vafapour.

*SEED Prize winners 22/23 - Best-written applications

You can see some of our case studies by using the links below.

Student supported groups of second year students through the PLTL program, helping them improve their statistical techniques. (SBBS)

Student assisted students verbalize and articulate the concepts taught in lectures in a new dynamic way. (SBM)

Student designed and developed the LAD prototype.

Student designed and led study and workshop sessions for year 2 Management students. (SBM)

Student helped co-create a mock climate change negotiation. (School of Geography)

Student was a senior assistant for BUS 267 – Working with Business Data. (SBM)

Student supported groups of second year students, helping them to improve their statistical techniques. (SBBS)

Student was part of creating a workshop which provided additional support with fine motor skills. (IoD)

Student was involved in two Students as Partners projects as part of the Institute of Dentistry Student Support Office. (Iod)

Student taught third-year medical students. (SMD)

Student was involved in two Students As Partners (SAP) schemes. (IoD)

Student contributed to the 'Teaching Excellence' project. (SEF)

Student was responsible of digital platforms used for learning, such as Q-Review and QMplus.


Congratulations to all our 2021/22 SEED award winners:

Tamjid Ahmed, Mohamed Areeb Anis-Alavi, Elarna-Louise Antonio, Amy Chan, Angela Chau*, Clara Faucher, Laura Hoffmann, Joseph Holland-Crabtree*, Mehreen Javaid, Amelia Khama, Ashfeen Khokhar, Ronald Lopez, Harris Nageswaran, Hester Toovey, Kieran Reidy, Sharon Gurung, Driss Lahlou, Maisha Mostafiz Alam, Jaycee Wei Keng Chan, Israt-Zahan Chowdhury, Alessandro Conti, Priya Gautam, Katherine Lucy Greenway, Roland Kulanda, Zaynep Melike Filizer, Wojciech Dariusz Rozek*, Aisha Sharif, Catrin Sohrabi, Patrick Szell, Ines Tollon, Rawand Shado and Sabir Anwar Saleh.

*SEED Prize winners 21/22 - Best-written applications 


The SEED award is a great achievement, and it is an honour to have been selected and recognised for my contribution.
— SEED award winner, February 2022 panel

You can see some of our case studies by using the links below.

SBM Consult Programme [SBM]

Near Peer Teaching [Barts]

Student Support and Inclusion Intern [SBM]

Mentor - Tech Industry Gold Autumn Challenge competition [SBM]

Co-creating pre-clinical and clinical modules [FMD]

SEED Prize winner 21/22

Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) [SBBS]

Project ReMAKE [SBM]

SEED Prize winner 21/22

Assessment and Feedback Intern - Queen Mary Academy [CCLS]

Peer-led team learning (PLTL) [SBBS]

Peer-led team learning (PLTL) 

SEED Working Group [BLMSD]


Congratulations to all our 2020/21 SEED award winners:

These were all our 2020/21 SEED award winners: Angie Anifalaje, Aliya Buchanan, William Davies, Catherine Hogan, Aneeta John, Emediong Jumbo, Milton Justinsuthakaran, Mehr Karim, Benjamin Koetsier, Rosie Matthews, Talia Shugarman, Katie Simpson, and Eleanor Thomson.

Read about some of their projects, from enhancing the role of patients as educators for medical students and improving learning disability accessibility and support, to developing videos and teaching resources to promote chemistry as a degree and advocating positive changes for Black students in higher education.

You can see some of our case studies by using the links below.

Global Health Anti-Racism Sub-Committee [IPHS]

"Student-generated teaching resources as a tool to enhance inclusion and diversity" project [SBCS] 

Increasing assistance and accessibility for students with learning difficulties. [SoH]

If you have an idea or think you have made a significant contribution you should apply for the 2023/24 SEED award 

How to apply Find out more here.
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