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Queen Mary Academy

Ronald Lopez

Ronald Lopez, School of Business and Management

I participated in the PLTL (Peer-led team learning) scheme and was a leader in the first cohort at QMUL in 2021. The aim of the programme was to create a safe and student-friendly environment for second-year students where difficult topics, such as pharmaceutical chemistry, were discussed amongst the students. This relatively new approach allows students to effectively communicate with their course mates and peers, without the stress of being assessed. The open-ended questions helped the students to come out of their shells and share their ideas and thoughts with others, since there were no right or wrong answers. The initial hesitation to participate was transformed into active participation after the first couple of session. Getting to know the students as persons helped to build up trust and made them understand that these sessions are for them, and that asking questions is the best way to learn. Roland suggested longer session and the optionality of participation to make the sessions even more effective. "

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