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Queen Mary Academy

Amy Chan

Amy Chan, School of Business and Management

As a Student Support and Inclusion Intern, my aim was to improve and increase the inclusivity practices across SBM and all Schools. For this, an analysis report was collated to gather insights and understandings on the topic of neurodiversity (ND). This included conducting research with various internal and external stakeholders, holding an event called Stress Buster and more importantly, providing recommendations to be implemented. These included (not limited to) creating a visual representation of the DDS Team with photos to increase approachability, holding more events related to neurodiversity and mental wellbeing to raise awareness and provides an opportunity to network. A stronger unification and consistency of recording lectures across all Schools at Queen Mary and a need for stronger cohesion and organisation for the Disability Society. These recommendations were made according to the sources of information obtained. Recommendations have been positively forwarded to a panel team and will meet regularly to check progress on implementations and discuss further implementations detailed in the report.

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