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Green Energy


The widespread global adoption of Net Zero targets is important for driving climate action and keeping global warming below 1.5°C. Deep cuts to emissions and the removal of atmospheric greenhouse gases are necessary to achieve this target, and will undoubtedly require innovation. QMUL is working on projects to help achieve Net Zero in many key areas:

  • Traditional renewable energy sources with particular expertise in photovoltaics and wind. 
  • Alternative energy sources such as energy harvesting of waste heat (thermoelectrics) or movement (piezoelectrics).
  • Nuclear and fusion.
  • Alternative fuels and clean combustion, carbon capture and utilisation of carbon dioxide.
  • Hydrogen, including green hydrogen production (through electrocatalysis or solar energy), storage and transportation. 
  • Energy storage and clean conversion of stored energy, including batteries, fuel cells, capacitors and supercapacitors. 
  • Data analytics and stochastic modelling for sustainable energy systems, power electronics and control system

Our research expertise spans material development, processing, characterisation and modelling, device development, and system level modelling and control.


Michael Reece

Research highlights

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