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AI & Data Modelling


The volume and variety of data are increasing exponentially. The theme of AI and Data Modelling researches novel methods to understand and process data to harness its value.  This includes important and wide-spread applications, including but  not limited to, robotics, entertainment, transport and healthcare. These techniques are used to curate, inspect and analyse data to draw insights; machine learning, which creates algorithms that learn automatically from data; and artificial intelligence, where machines learn from examples how to perform tasks that normally would require human intelligence. 

The AI and Data Modelling research theme sits at the interface of mathematics, statistics, science, and engineering, leveraging the latest advances in these fields through a multi-disciplinary approach.  This theme addresses the foundational theory as well as real-world applications whilst asking new questions to advance the state-of-the-art in our understanding and use of data.


Conrad Bessant

Research highlights

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