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Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Group

The Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Group within the School of Mathematical Sciences has a broad range of research interests in the area of statistical mechanics as applied to a variety of complex systems, and in the mathematical foundations of dynamical systems theory. Particular emphasis is on non-equilibrium processes, stochastic modelling, ergodic theory, chaotic and nonlinear phenomena, and interdisciplinary applications. The group consists of 10 permanent staff members (listed as faculty members below) together with several postdocs and PhD students. The group has numerous collaborations and links with other groups in the department, and with other research groups worldwide. For more details on the research interests of the individual group members please consult the People section.

Oscar Bandtlow Julia Slipantschuk Francesco Coghi
Adrian Baule Randall Martyr Jin Yan
Christian Beck (Head of Group)   Evangelos Mitsokapas
Rosemary Harris   Jonathan Hoseana
Oliver Jenkinson   Anum Khalid
Rainer Klages   Katerina Zahradov√°
Thomas Prellberg   Filip Bonja
Franco Vivaldi   Mayank Shreshtha
Wolfram Just   Griffin Williams
Alex Clark    Esma Kurban
    Nathann T Rodrigues


New paper in Nature Energy by B. Schaefer, C. Beck, et al. (January 2018). Click here for QMUL press release

Christian Beck has been elected by the Executive Committee of the European Physical Society (EPS) as Chairman of the Statistical and Nonlinear Physics Division of EPS.

Research grant funding

The group has been very successful in getting external research grant funding, for a complete list see the section Collaborations and Projects on the left. Major grants obtained recently:

Some keywords summarising our research expertise

anomalous transport, arithmetic dynamics, axions, chaos, correlation decay, coupled map lattices, diffusion constants, electricity networks, enumerative combinatorics, ergodic optimisation, fluctuation relations, foraging animals, fractals and multifractals, generalised entropies, invariant measures, Josephson junctions, Lagrangian turbulence, Langevin equation, large deviation theory, Monte Carlo algorithms, non-Markovian exclusion process, particle packings, piecewise isometries, polymers, power grids, processes with memory, quantum turbulence, random matrices, stochastic modelling in finance, superstatistics, symbolic dynamics, thermodynamic formalism, transfer operators, travel behaviour of people, zero-range process   


The members of the group publish about 20-40 papers each year, a detailed list of recent publications (2013-2017) can be found at this link. Publications earlier than 2013 are listed here. In total, the published papers and books of the group members have received more than 20000 citations. Our group publishes both in high-quality mathematical journals such as Ergodic Theory Dyn. Syst. or Nonlinearity as well as in high-impact letter journals addressing a more general audience.

Some  highlights of our more applied interdisciplinary research published in high-impact journals:

International collaborations

The group has a strong network of international contacts and active collaborations, with scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Physics of Complex Systems Dresden, TU Berlin, Univ of Austin Texas, KFA Juelich, Rockefeller University New York, City College New York, New York University, Univ Melbourne, McGill University Montreal, Stellenbosch, Saarbruecken Univ, UNSW Sydney, CBPF Rio de Janeiro, Paris-Sud (Orsay), Vienna Univ, and more.


The Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Group provides a forum for interaction and discussion at the current forefront of research. There is a very active weekly seminar series under the heading Complex Systems Seminar, covering topics in Dynamical Systems, Statistical Physics, and Complex Networks. This is hold jointly with the Complex Systems and Networks Group. In fact both groups have overlapping research interests and  together form one of the largest groups in the UK working on statistical mechanics aspects of complex systems. Our top strategic priority is to enable and support high quality research in an inspiring multidisciplinary atmosphere.

International conferences and workshops organised by group members (from 2014 onwards)

(click here for past conferences)

Group members on Editorial Boards

  • Adrian Baule is editorial board member of Heliyon
  • Christian Beck is Co-Editor of EPL, Advisory Editor of Physica A as well as Editor of Chaos, Solitons, and Fractals.
  • Oliver Jenkinson is Editorial Adviser of the London Mathematical Society (Bull., Journal, Procced., Trans. of LMS)
  • Rainer Klages is Divisional Associate Editor of Phys. Rev. Lett.

Pathways to impact

Some of our research generates impact in the sense of EPSRC. An example was our participation in the interdisciplinary Flood MEMORY project funded by EPSRC. Christian Beck was leader of work package 1 `Clustered Processes' of this project connecting 11 different UK universities. The aim is to better understand the clustered statistics of flooding events, including  social consequences.

Another current example of impact generating research is the LoBaNet project led by Christian Beck and Vito Latora, funded by EPSRC, in which we apply stochastic modelling techniques to load balancing problems in the energy industry.

For more information on research of individual group members, follow the link "People" on the left