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School of Mathematical Sciences

Statistics and Data Science

Our research in statistics and data science is at the interface between methodology and applications. Research activity in our group spans a wide range of modern and exciting developments.

Research interests

Bayesian inference and computational methods
Dr Iacopini, Dr Liverani, Dr Shestopaloff

Mathematical foundations and applications of Machine Learning
Dr Benning, Dr Bobrowski, Dr Fang, Dr Guillaumin, Dr Otter, Dr Papafitsoros, Dr Shestopaloff, Dr Vergel

Applied topology
Dr Bobrowski, Dr Otter

Dr Coad, Dr Griffin, Dr Liverani

Modelling of spatio-temporal data
Dr Guillaumin, Dr Iacopini, Dr Liverani, Dr Otter

Likelihood-based inference
Dr Coad, Dr Guillaumin, Dr Maruri-Aguilar

Inverse Problems and Optimisation
Dr Benning, Dr Papafitsoros


We hold a regular seminar series in Statistics and Data Science during term time.

Group members

Head of Group: Dr Silvia Liverani


(Images from Griffin et al. in Lancet Infectious Diseases, 16:4 (2016) p 465-472 and Okell et al. in Nature communications 3 (2012): 1237.)

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