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School of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Lei Fang

Dr Lei

Lecturer, Deputy Head of Centre for Mathematical Education, Director of MSc Risk Analytics

Room Number: MB-314


Dr Lei Fang is a Lecturer in the School of Mathematical Sciences.

Her academic pursuits span across various fields, with a particular focus on Systemic Risk Management, Machine Learning Applications in Finance, and Digital Transformation. Additionally, she actively engages in pedagogical research. She enjoys teaching Actuarial Science, Risk Management, and Financial Mathematics.

Lei was awarded Sir Edward Johnston Prize by the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), and Award of the Dimitris N. Chorafas Foundation.

In addition to being the Deputy Head of Centre of Mathematical Education, Lei is currently a member of the university Senate, and the Chair of Natural Language Processing working party in IFoA.


  • Actuarial Financial Engineering
  • Data Analytics
  • Statistics for Insurance



  • Fang L, Lanzolla G, Tsanakas A (2020). Digital technology adoption and changes in management priorities journal The 80th annual meeting of the Academy of Management.
  • Wang K, Fang L, Cheng J (2020). Management of commissions to meet the regulatory requirements: the case of property–casualty insurance in China The Geneva Papers on Risk and Insurance - Issues and Practice nameOfConference.
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  • Fang L, Su F (2017). Main causes of systemic risk in banking industries (Year's Best Papers) Studies of International Finance (国际金融研究) nameOfConference.
  • Fang L, Su F (2017). Spacial correlation of villages regarding financial exclusion Collected Essays on Finance and Economics (财经论丛) nameOfConference.
  • Su F, Fang L (2016). The role of positive government in improving inclusive finance in rural areas Journal of Finance and Economics (财经研究) nameOfConference.
  • Fang L, Su F (2016). The substitution effect between subsidy and insurance awareness Economic Management (经济管理) nameOfConference.
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