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School of Mathematical Sciences

Our Research Seminars

The School of Mathematical Sciences offers a wide selection of seminar series and is involved in seminar series at other colleges and universities in London. 

Upcoming seminars

Tue 31 Jan 1:00 PM
Shahn Majid (QMUL): Dirac operators associated to quantum metrics (MB-503)
Tue 31 Jan 2:00 PM
Elena Giorgi (Columbia): Black Hole Stability Problems in GR (MB503 Mathematics Seminar Room (Zoom))
Tue 31 Jan 4:00 PM
Terry Soo, UCL: Sinai factors for nonsingular Bernoulli shifts (MB 503 and Zoom)
Wed 1 Feb 2:00 PM
Alexander Gnedin (QMUL): A Random Graph Growth Model (MB-503)
Thu 2 Feb 11:00 AM
Dan Zhu (Monash University): Distribution Vector Autoregression: Eliciting Macro and Financial Dependence (MB-503)
Thu 2 Feb 2:00 PM
Mathematical Foundation of AI Research Centre
Dr Thomas Powell, University of Bath: A brief overview of applied proof theory, and some ideas for where it might be going next! (MB-503)
Fri 3 Feb 1:00 PM
Weini Huang and Oscar Brandtlow: Stochastic dynamics of cancer driven by random partition of extra-chromosal DNA elements / Polygonal billiards (MB-MLT)
Fri 3 Feb 3:00 PM
Samuel Edwards (Durham University): Orbital counting and dynamics on infinite-volume homogeneous spaces (MB-503)
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