School of Mathematical Sciences


The School of Mathematical Sciences offers a wide selection of seminar series and is involved in seminar series at other colleges and universities in London. 

Upcoming seminars

Tue 19 Mar 4:00 PM
Heather A. Harrington (Mathematical Institute, University of Oxford): Comparing models and biological data using computational algebra and topology (Queens' Building, Room W316)
Wed 20 Mar 12:00 PM
Maria Lomeli (Babylon Health): Amortised inference using faithful inverses for importance sampling (Queens' Building, Room: W316)
Wed 20 Mar 1:00 PM
Leonid Parnovski (UCL): Floating mats and sloping beaches: spectral asymptotics of the Steklov problem on polygons (Queens’ Building, Room: W316)
Wed 20 Mar 3:30 PM
Claude Warnick (Cambridge): Black holes and scattering resonances (G.O. Jones Building, Room 516)
Wed 20 Mar 4:30 PM
Mikael Normann: Relativity for the Masses (Queens' Building, Room W316)
Thu 21 Mar 4:00 PM
David Saad (Aston University): Optimising Spreading Processes Guest of Ginestra Bianconi (Geog: 2.20, Geography building, Mile End Campus )
Fri 22 Mar 1:00 PM
Boris Khoruzhenko & Anna Maltsev: How many stable equilibria will a large complex system have? / Intracellular calcium signalling and the Ising model (Engineering Building, Room: 209)
Fri 22 Mar 4:00 PM
Mark Jerrum (QMUL): The bases-exchange graph of a matroid: edge expansion and mixing (Queens' Building, Room W316)