School of Mathematical Sciences


The School of Mathematical Sciences offers a wide selection of seminar series and is involved in seminar series at other colleges and universities in London. 

Upcoming seminars

Tue 22 Oct 11:00 AM
Natalia Jurga, University of Surrey: Regularity of the dimension of self-affine fractals (MB-503, Maths Building)
Tue 22 Oct 3:00 PM
Alessandro Pigati (ETH Zürich) : Codimension two min-max minimal submanifolds from PDEs (Mathematics Building, Room: MB-503)
Wed 23 Oct 1:00 PM
Tiziano de Angelis (Leeds): Optimal dividends with partial information and stopping of a degenerate reflecting diffusion (Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-503)
Fri 25 Oct 2:00 PM
Maryam Sharifzadeh (Warwick): (Mathematical Sciences Building, Room MB-503)
Fri 25 Oct 3:00 PM
Ian Chiswell (QMUL): Ordered groups and related classes (Mathematics Building, Room: MB-503)