School of Mathematical Sciences


The School of Mathematical Sciences offers a wide selection of seminar series and is involved in seminar series at other colleges and universities in London. 

Upcoming seminars

Fri 24 Jan 2:00 PM
David Ellis (Bristol): Families of permutations with a forbidden intersection (Mathematical Sciences Building, Room MB-503)
Fri 24 Jan 3:00 PM
Joni Teravainen (Oxford): Higher order uniformity of the Möbius function (Mathematics Building, Room: MB-503)
Sun 26 Jan 1:00 PM
Kurt Johansson (KTH): Multivariate normal approximation for traces of random unitary matrices (Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB503)
Tue 28 Jan 10:00 AM
(Multiple speakers): Mini-Workshop on Wave Equations (28-29 January) (TBA)
Tue 28 Jan 11:00 AM
Izaak Neri, King's: TBA (MB-503, Maths Building)
Tue 28 Jan 12:00 PM
Shahn Majid: Quantum geodesics in quantum mechanics (Maths Building Seminar Room MB-503)
Wed 29 Jan 11:00 AM
Quintin Luong: The geometry of several complex variables (Mathematical Sciences Building, Room MB-503)
Wed 29 Jan 1:00 PM
Kilian Raschel (Tours): The stationary distribution of the reflected Brownian motion in a cone: differential properties of the Laplace transform (Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB503)
Fri 31 Jan 2:00 PM
Matthias Beck (SF State/FU Berlin): Lonely runner polyhedra (Mathematical Sciences Building, Room MB-503)
Fri 31 Jan 3:00 PM
Sarah Zerbes (UCL): Euler systems and and the Bloch—Kato conjecture for GSp(4) (Mathematics Building, Room: MB-503)