School of Mathematical Sciences


The School of Mathematical Sciences offers a wide selection of seminar series and is involved in seminar series at other colleges and universities in London. 

Upcoming seminars

Tue 10 Dec 11:00 AM
Thomas Prellberg, Queen Mary: Adsorption of 2d polymers with two- and three-body self-interactions (MB-503, Maths Building)
Tue 10 Dec 3:00 PM
Oleg Karpenkov (Liverpool): TBA (Mathematics Building, Room: MB-503)
Wed 11 Dec 12:00 PM
Dr Monica Pirani (Imperial College London): A data integration approach to adjust for residual confounding area-referenced environmental health studies (Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-503)
Fri 13 Dec 10:00 AM
Miles Simon (Magdeburg) Natasa Sesum (Rutgers) Burhard Wilking (Münster) : Brussels-London Geometry Seminar (MB-503, Maths Building, QMUL Mile End Campus)
Fri 13 Dec 2:00 PM
Torsten Mütze (Warwick): Combinatorial generation via permutation languages (Graduate Centre, GC222)
Fri 13 Dec 3:00 PM
Anna Seigal (Oxford): Tensors under congruence action (Mathematics Building, Room: MB-503)