School of Mathematical Sciences


The School of Mathematical Sciences offers a wide selection of seminar series and is involved in seminar series at other colleges and universities in London. 

Upcoming seminars

Wed 20 Feb 3:30 PM
Maximilian Attems (University of Santiago de Compostela): Shockwave collisions across a phase transition (G.O. Jones Building, Room 516)
Wed 20 Feb 4:30 PM
Sandro Sousa: Random walks to quantify the heterogeneity of spatial systems (Queens' Building, Room W316)
Thu 21 Feb 4:00 PM
Mr. Jan Nicolas (University of Gothenburg): Large deviations and catastrophes in turbulent aerosols (Queen's Building, Room: W316)
Fri 22 Feb 11:00 AM
Ginestra Bianconi & Reto Buzano: Emergent Hyperbolic Network Geometry and Dynamics / TBA (Engineering Building, Room: 3.25)
Fri 22 Feb 1:00 PM
Pau Figueras & Arick Shao: Black hole instabilities and violation of the weak cosmic censorship conjecture / Control of Wave Equations (Engineering Building, Room: 3.25)
Tue 26 Feb 1:00 PM
Ryan Aziz: Differential calculi by super-cobosonisation (Queens' Building, Room: W316)
Tue 26 Feb 3:00 PM
Léo Bigorgne (Orsay): Asymptotics properties of the small data solutions of the Vlasov-Maxwell system (Room W316, Queens' Building)
Tue 26 Feb 4:00 PM
Rainer Klages, Queen Mary: Stochastic modeling of diffusion in dynamical systems: three examples (Queens’ Building, Room: W316)
Wed 27 Feb 1:00 PM
Ashkan Nikeghbali (Zurich): TBA (Queens' Building, Room: W316)
Wed 27 Feb 4:30 PM
Aryan Ghobadi: TBA (Queens' Building, Room W316)