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School of Mathematical Sciences

Mathematical Modelling for Biology, Health, and Environment

The purpose of this seminar is to provide a stimulating discussion platform between applied and pure mathematicians, mathematical biologists, statisticians, data scientists, on one side, and colleagues from biology, health, and environmental research on the other. We aim to learn more about each others' work and highlight emerging modelling opportunities. Every talk will be geared to non-experts, so come along if you like to learn new things and if you are looking to develop new collaborations.

In Semester B (2023-2024), we meet at 13:00pm (unless otherwise specified) on Mondays (in-person) in MB-503. The seminar is hybrid and can be also attended via this zoom link.

The organisers:

Natasha Blitvic, Weini Huang, Rainer Klages, Kostas Papafitsoros

  • Date
  • 28/09/2023 10:00 AM
    Naomi Levine (University of Southern California)
    How evolution of microscopic organisms in the oceans might change the global climate
  • 09/10/2023 1:00 PM
    Axel Rossberg (QMUL)
    A solvable two-parameter model of metacommunity ecology - and it works!
  • 13/06/2023 1:00 PM
    Prof. Wenying Shou (UCL)
    Towards a quantitative understanding of microbial communities
  • 06/06/2023 3:00 PM
    Christoph Engl (QMUL)
    Bacterial decision-making - individualism vs group behaviour in bacterial populations
  • 09/05/2023 2:00 PM
    István Miklós (Rényi Institute, Hungarian Academy of Sciences)
    Degree Sequence Problems in NMR Spectroscopy
  • 13/03/2023 3:00 PM
    Rainer Klages (QMUL)
    Stochastic modeling of biological motion: Migrating cells and foraging bumblebees
  • 20/02/2023 3:00 PM
    Sergi Elizalde (Dartmouth)
    A Markov-chain model of chromosomal instability
  • 07/11/2023 11:00 AM
    MB503 and Zoom
    Prof. Arne Traulsen Director of Department for Theoretical Biology, Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Biology
    Social dilemmas during the pandemic: Coupling game theoretical and epidemiological models
  • 06/03/2024 3:00 PM
    Johannes Keegstra (ETH)
    Trade-offs in bacterial search strategies: randomness, criticality and energetics.
  • 20/11/2023 1:00 PM
    Nikola Ojkic (SBBS, QMUL)
    Antibiotic resistance mediated by bacterial cell shape and size transformation
  • 08/04/2024 1:00 PM
    Gil Ariel (Bar-Ilan University)
    Criticality in an epidemic model with stochastic coefficients
  • 11/12/2023 1:00 PM
    Online only
    Dr. Robert Grossmann (University of Potsdam)
    From data to dynamics: insights into bacterial navigation strategies
  • 05/02/2024 1:00 PM
    Rob Noble (City University of London)
    New directions in mathematical oncology
  • 12/02/2024 1:00 PM
    Chris Eizaguirre (SBBS, QMUL) & Rainer Klages (SMS, QMUL)
    Sea turtle ecology: From conservation to mathematics
  • 26/02/2024 1:00 PM
    Philipp Pearce (UCL)
    Some consequences of phenotypic heterogeneity in living active matter
  • 18/03/2024 3:00 PM
    Mark Broom (City University of London)
    Biological modelling: some average research
  • 25/03/2024 1:00 PM
    Andrea Cairoli (The Francis Crick Institute)
    Physical principles of Drosophila abdomen morphogenesis during metamorphosis
  • 27/11/2023 1:00 PM
    Alessia Gentili (UCL)
    Characterisation and generation of single anomalous diffusion trajectories
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