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School of Mathematical Sciences

30th British Combinatorial Conference

Monday 1 July – Friday 5 July 2024, Queen Mary University of London


Federico Ardila (SFSU)

Combinatorial Intersection Theory

Photo credit: May-Li Khoe

Matthew Jenssen

Statistical Physics Methods in Combinatorics

Shoham Letzter (UCL)

Sublinear Expanders in Extremal Combinatorics

Richard Montgomery (Warwick)

Transversals in Latin Squares

Photo credit: Petra Lein, Copyright: MFO


Sarah Peluse (Princeton/IAS)

Higher-order Fourier Analysis and Generalizations of Szemerédi's Theorem

Photo credit: Katrin Schmid, Copyright: MFO

Lisa Sauermann (MIT)

On the Slice Rank Polynomial Method

Photo credit: Katrin Schmid, Copyright: MFO

Martin Skutella

Transshipments Over Time and Submodular Function Minimization

Photo credit: Petra Lein, Copyright: MFO


Maya Stein (Universidad de Chile)

Oriented Trees and Paths in Digraphs

Contributed Talks

Participants will be encouraged to submit an abstract on a topic related to the conference and give a 20-minute presentation.


We expect many participants to arrive on Sunday evening. The academic schedule will run from 9am on Monday until 5pm on Friday.

Organising Committee

The principal organisers are Felix Fischer and Robert Johnson.

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