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School of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Omer Bobrowski


Senior Lecturer in Mathematical Data Science

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-111



    • Aloni L, Bobrowski O, Talmon R (2021), Joint Geometric and Topological Analysis of Hierarchical Datasets ECML PKDD 2021
    • Brown A, Bobrowski O, Munch E et al. (2021), Probabilistic convergence and stability of random mapper graphs Journal of Applied and Computational Topology $nameOfConference
    • Skraba P, Bobrowski O (2020), Homological Percolation: The Formation of Giant k-Cycles International Mathematics Research Notices $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Skraba P (2020), Homological percolation and the Euler characteristic Physical Review E $nameOfConference
    • Owada T, Bobrowski O (2020), Convergence of persistence diagrams for topological crackle Bernoulli $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Oliveira G (2019), Random \v Cech Complexes on Riemannian Manifolds Random Structures & Algorithms $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Kahle M (2018), Topology of random geometric complexes: a survey Journal of Applied and Computational Topology $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Kahle M, Skraba P (2017), Maximally persistent cycles in random geometric complexes Annals of Applied Probability $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Mukherjee S, Taylor JE (2017), Topological consistency via kernel estimation Bernoulli $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Weinberger S (2017), On the vanishing of homology in random \v Cech complexes Random Structures & Algorithms $nameOfConference
    • Adler RJ, Bobrowski O, Weinberger S (2014), Crackle: The Homology of Noise Discrete & Computational Geometry $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Adler RJ (2014), Distance functions, critical points, and the topology of random \v Cech complexes Homology, Homotopy and Applications $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Mukherjee S (2014), The topology of probability distributions on manifolds Probability Theory and Related Fields $nameOfConference
    • Bobrowski O, Borman MS (2012), Euler integration of gaussian random fields and persistent homology Journal of Topology and Analysis $nameOfConference
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