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Dr Silvia Liverani


Senior Lecturer in Statistics

Telephone: +44 (0)20 7882 3370
Room Number: Queens’ Building, Room: W418
Office Hours: Please email for an appointment


Dr Silvia Liverani is a Senior Lecturer in Statistics in the School of Mathematical Sciences. Her research focuses on Bayesian modelling and clustering methods. In particular she works on Dirichlet process mixture models and has also conducted research on spatio-temporal models and survival response models. She has worked in very diverse areas of application including genetics, epidemiology, road traffic accidents, football, environmental health and cardiac electrophysiology. She enjoys teaching Statistics at undergraduate and postgraduate level. She is a member of the Statistics group.

Postgraduate Teaching


Semester A: tutorials of Number Sets and Functions and tutorials of Statistical Methods

Semester B: Time Series Analysis for Business



Research Interests:

My research interests include Bayesian methods, clustering and spatial statistics, with applications to many areas including Epidemiology and Genetics.


  • Huang R, Xu W, Liverani S et al. (2018). A case study of r performance analysis and optimization. nameOfConference
  • Edwards KD, Takata N, Johansson M et al. (2018). Circadian clock components control daily growth activities by modulating cytokinin levels and cell division-associated gene expression in Populus trees.. nameOfConference
  • Coker E, LIVERANI S, Su J et al. (2018). Multi-pollutant Modeling Through Examination of Susceptible Subpopulations Using Profile Regression. nameOfConference
  • Hirth M, Liverani S, Mahlow S et al. (2017). Metabolic profiling identifies trehalose as an abundant and diurnally fluctuating metabolite in the microalga Ostreococcus tauri.. nameOfConference
  • Boulieri A, Liverani S, de Hoogh K et al. (2017). A space–time multivariate Bayesian model to analyse road traffic accidents by severity. nameOfConference
  • Liverani S, Smith JQ (2016). Bayesian selection of graphical regulatory models. nameOfConference
  • Mattei F, Liverani S, Guida F et al. (2016). Multidimensional analysis of the effect of occupational exposure to organic solvents on lung cancer risk: the ICARE study. nameOfConference
  • Coker E, Liverani S, Ghosh JK et al. (2016). Multi-pollutant exposure profiles associated with term low birth weight in Los Angeles County.. nameOfConference
  • Liverani S, Lavigne A, Blangiardo M (2016). Modelling collinear and spatially correlated data.. nameOfConference
  • Li A, Smith KJ, Liverani S (2016). The association of cardiometabolic functioning clusters with depressive symptoms in older adults: results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing. nameOfConference
  • Coker E, Ghosh J, Jerrett M et al. (2015). Modeling spatial effects of PM(2.5) on term low birth weight in Los Angeles County.. nameOfConference
  • Pirani M, Best N, Blangiardo M et al. (2015). Analysing the health effects of simultaneous exposure to physical and chemical properties of airborne particles.. nameOfConference
  • Liverani S, Hastie DI, Azizi L et al. (2015). PReMiuM: An R Package for Profile Regression Mixture Models Using Dirichlet Processes.. nameOfConference
  • Hastie DI, Liverani S, Richardson S (2015). Sampling from Dirichlet process mixture models with unknown concentration parameter: mixing issues in large data implementations.. nameOfConference
  • Molitor J, Brown IJ, Chan Q et al. (2014). Blood pressure differences associated with Optimal Macronutrient Intake Trial for Heart Health (OMNIHEART)-like diet compared with a typical American Diet.. nameOfConference
  • Hastie DI, Liverani S, Azizi L et al. (2013). A semi-parametric approach to estimate risk functions associated with multi-dimensional exposure profiles: application to smoking and lung cancer.. nameOfConference
  • Akacha M, Fonseca TCO, Liverani S (2011). Data mining for longitudinal data with different treatments. nameOfConference
  • Liverani S, Petrucci A (2011). Spatial clustering of multivariate data using weighted MAX-SAT. nameOfConference
  • Liverani S, Cussens J, Smith JQ (2010). Searching a multivariate partition space using MAX-SAT. nameOfConference
  • Monnier A, Liverani S, Bouvet R et al. (2010). Orchestrated transcription of biological processes in the marine picoeukaryote Ostreococcus exposed to light/dark cycles.. nameOfConference
  • Liverani S, Anderson PE, Edwards KD et al. (2009). Efficient utility-based clustering over high dimensional partition spaces. nameOfConference
  • Smith JQ, Anderson PE, Liverani S (2008). Separation measures and the geometry of bayes factor selection for classification. nameOfConference
  • Liverani S, Papavasiliou A (2006). Entropy based adaptive particle filter. nameOfConference
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