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School of Mathematical Sciences

Geometry, Analysis & Gravitation

The Geometry, Analysis & Gravitation research group carries out cutting edge research in geometry, topology, partial differential equations and general relativity.

Image credit: Dr Hans Bantilan

(M. Farber, P. Skraba)
(M. Godazgar, A. Shao, J.A. Valiente Kroon)
(K. Clough, P. Figueras, H. Markakis)
(A. Shao, M. Ruzhanski)
(S. Majid)

The group hosts the mini-CDT (Centre for Doctoral Training) "Geometry, Relativity and Partial Differential Equations" (GRPDE) funded by the Faculty of Science and Engineering QMUL.

The mini-CDT provides a platform for interdisciplinary PhD training on the vibrant interface of mathematical, numerical and observational aspects of Einstein’s theory of General Relativity. Follow the link for more details.



The Geometry and Analysis weekly seminar is held on Tuesdays at 3pm, in the Queens' Building Room W316. Click here to see the current programme.


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In addition, members of the group are members of the LIGO and LISA collaborations driving the efforts towards the detection of gravitational waves. 

R. Buzano and H. Nguyen maintains a dedicated Geometric Analysis page.

Group members

Head of Group: Pau Figueras

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