School of Mathematical Sciences

Geometry and Analysis Group

We are a vibrant research group with expertise in algebraic, differential and noncommutative geometry, functional and harmonic analysis, mathematical relativity theory, model theory, operator algebras, partial differential equations, quantum algebra and topology. We organize regular seminars throughout the academic year and work closely with other groups in the School of Mathematical Sciences: Algebra, Combinatorics, Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics.

Members Postdocs PhD students
Dr. Shabnam Beheshti Dr. Hans Bantilan Ryan Aziz
Dr. Reto Buzano Dr. Anna Pachol Matthew Bassett
Prof. Cho-Ho Chu (emeritus) Dr. Rodrigo Panosso Macedo  Gabriel Cardona
Prof. Michael Farber Dr. Stephan Mescher Diego Carranza
Dr. Pau Figueras (Royal Society Fellow)   Michael Cole
Dr. Xin Li   Chen Cheng
Prof. Shahn Majid   Adem Hursit
Dr. Huy Nguyen   Zoltan Laczko
Dr. Arick Shao
  Lewin Strauss
Dr. Juan A. Valiente Kroon (Head of Group)   Jarrod Williams
    Liam Williams
    Peng Zhao
    Gabriele Beltramo
     Gianmichele Di Matteo

For more information about group members, click on their names and consult the People section.

Other colleagues in the department with interests in Geometry & Analysis include: Dr. Oscar BandtlowDr. Sebastian del Bano Rollin, Dr. Cecilia Busuioc, Dr. Alex Fink and Dr. Wajid Mannan.

We have many contacts and research collaborators from various institutions abroad including Alberta, Avignon, Irvine, Lisbon, Max Plank, Missouri, Munster, New York, Paris, Pisa, Leipzig, Nice, Queensland and Vienna. Recent conferences and meetings organized by group members include

  • British Mathematical Colloquium (Queen Mary, 2014)
  • Jordan Geometric Analysis and Applications (Queen Mary, 2014).
  • Applied Algebraic Topology Workshop ( Cantabria, Spain, 2014).
  • New Frontiers in Dynamical Gravity (Cambridge, 2014)
  • Operator Algebras and Dynamical Systems (LMS Workshop, Queen Mary, 2015)
  • Geometric Flows and Related Topics (Queen Mary, 2016)

Several members had been awarded in the past research grants from EPSRC, Royal Society, London Mathematical Society and other funding bodies. The following EPSRC, ERC and Royal Society grants have been awarded to some groups members since 2014.

Some books and recent publications 

 C-H. Chu, Jordan structures in geometry and analysis , Cambridge University Press, 2012.
 M. Farber, Invitation to topological robotics, EMS, 2008.
 S. Majid, On space and time, Cambridge University Press, 2008.
 J.A. Valiente Kroon, Conformal methods in General Relativity, Cambridge University Press, 2016.

 O.F. Bandtlow (with J. Slipantschuk, W. Just), On the relation between Lyapunov exponents
and exponential decay of correlations,
 J. Phys. A: Math. Theor. 46 (2013) 075101 (16pp)
Shabnam Beheshti  Dressing with Control: Using Integrability to Generate Desired Solutions to Einstein’s Equations(link is external)in The sine-Gordon Model and its Applications, Nonlinear Systems and Complexity, Vol. 10, 207-231 (2014) 
 A. Fink (with H. Derksen), Valuative invariants for polymatroids, Adv. Math. 225 (2010) 1840-1892.
 Xin Li : On K-theoretic invariants of semigroup C*-algebras attached to number fields, Adv. in Math. 264 (2014) 371-395.
 Reto Mueller (Buzano), Perelman's entropy functional at Type I singularities of the Ricci flow, Crelle 703 (2015) 173-199.
 Behrang Noohi, Fibrations of topological stacks, Adv. Math. 252 (2014) 612-640.
 Pau Figueras (with S. Tunyasuvunakool), Black rings in global anti-de Sitter space, JEHP 1503 (2015) 149.
 Ivan Tomašić, A twisted theorem of Chebotarev, Proc. London Math. Soc. 108 (2014) 291-326.
 Juan A. Valiente Kroon (with C Lübbe), A conformal approach for the analysis of the non-linear stability of pure radiation cosmologies. Ann. Phys. 328 (2013) 1-25.