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School of Mathematical Sciences

Adam Onus


Postgraduate Research Student

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-402


My PhD project is on the `Topological Analysis of Structured Data', supervised by Dr Primoz Skraba, and commenced in September 2021.

Prior to joining QMUL, I received my Bachelor of Philosophy with Honours from the Australian National University in 2020 (equivalent to an undergraduate degree with integrated masters). My honours research project was titled "The Homology of Periodic Simplicial Complexes and their Quotient Spaces" and is the motivation for my PhD project here at QMUL.

My main interests lie in applied and stochastic topology and geometry, using tools such as persistent homology to understand and characterise qualitative properties of topological space which arise in application. My current work looks at how to characterise the topology of infinite cellular complexes with a high degree of symmetry based on finite approximations. These complexes arise naturally in infinite crystals and molecular dynamics simulations where there is a great deal of translational symmetry.

I am also part of the school's EDI committee and one of the organisers of the Undergraduate Research Seminar for the current academic year. I was previously one of the organisers for QuIPS for 22/23 academic year.

Undergraduate Teaching

Spring 2022

  • Probability and Statistics I
  • Vectors and Matrices

Autumn 2022

  • Introduction to Probability
  • Computing and Data Analysis with Excel

Spring 2023

  • Probability and Statistics I
  • Introduction to Computer Programming
  • Complex Variables (marking)

Autumn 2023

  • Applied Probability and Statistics


Examples of research funding:

I am funded with the support of the Additional Funding Programme for Mathematical Sciences,
delivered by EPSRC (EP/V521917/1) and the Heilbronn Institute for Mathematical Research.


Adam Onus and Vanessa Robins. Quantifying the homology of periodic cell complexes. arXiv preprint arXiv:2208.09223, 2022.

Public Engagement

  • I made this video as part of the Applied Algebraic Topology Research Network's "Tutorial-a-thon" as a part of their project to spread awareness of topological data analysis.
  • For International Women's Day in 2023 I ran a takeover of the SMS Instagram page to film short videos of some of the women in the department. You can see these videos put together here.
  • I am a mathematics curriculum ambassador for QMUL. In this role I have provided outreach talks and activities for local high school students on topics such as dynamical systems, algebraic geometry and graph theory.
  • For the Tower Hamlets Festival of Communities in 2023, I helped run an interactive outreach stall aimed at teaching local families (and in particular children) about Einstein monotiles and other aperiodic tilings
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