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School of Mathematical Sciences


Thanks to the HE STEM Programme, the Institute for Mathematics and its Applications, and the Queen Mary Student Experience Investment Fund for funding work towards this project.

The booklet "Where the maths you learn is used" was compiled by Vivien Easson and Michael Yates with the help of the following staff and research students of the School of Mathematical Sciences, Queen Mary: Andy Drizen, Joe Elliston, John Faben, Jonit Fischmann, Nicholas Illman, Saiful Islam, Mudakkar Khadim, Jennifer Klim, Javier López Peña, Ben Parker, Wei Roberts, Manjula Samarasinghe, Lynne Stockman, Emil Vaughan and Francis Wright. Thanks also to David Arrowsmith, Peter McOwan, Abi Sharma and Hugo Touchette for advice.

If you enjoyed reading the booklet then look at the following links and clips to find out more about some of the topics discussed!

Business and Management


Finance and Economics


Sound and Graphics


Space and Navigation


Communications and Security


Energy and the Environment


To infinity and beyond

Where_the_maths_you_learn_is_used [PDF 6,667KB] 6.51 MB
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