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School of Mathematical Sciences

Professor Claudia Garetto


Professor in Mathematics. Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Lead

Room Number: Mathematical Sciences Building, Room: MB-325


I am a Mathematician working in the area of Partial Differential Equations and Mathematical Analysis. I am a Reader in the School of Mathematics at Queen Mary University of London and a Visiting Professor in the School of Mathematical Sciences at Loughborough University. Previously I have been a Junior Research Fellow at Imperial College London.


My research interests are:


  • Hyperbolic equations and systems with multiplicities
  • PDEs with singular coefficients and very weak solutions
  • Sub-elliptic problems on compact Lie groups
  • Microlocal analysis, Fourier integral operators and pseudo-differential operators
  • Algebras of generalised functions


EPSRC support for my research:

EP/L026422/1: Hyperbolic systems with multiplicities (2014-2017)

EP/V005529/1: Hyperbolic problems with discontinuous coefficients (2021-2025)



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