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School of Mathematical Sciences

Our PhD graduates

We are proud of our many wonderful PhD graduates who are working in many places within academia and beyond. Here are the most recent ones.

  • Shaoxiong Hu (graduated 2019)
    Thesis: Algebraic techniques for statistical model selection
    Supervisor: Hugo Maruri-Aguilar
    Currently: AI Researcher at Alibaba, DRC
  • Peter Curtis (graduated 2017)
    Thesis: Smooth supersaturated models for computer experiments
    Supervisor: Hugo Maruri-Aguilar
  • Mitra Noosha (graduated 2014)
    Thesis: Mixtures of Conjugate Priors for Measuring Discordancy and Making Robust Inferences
    Supervisor: Lawrence Pettit
    Currently: Senior Data Scientist at PayPal
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