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School of Mathematical Sciences

Our PhD graduates

We are proud of our many wonderful PhD graduates who are working in many places within academia and beyond. Here are the most recent ones.

  • Shaoxiong Hu (graduated 2019)

Thesis: Algebraic techniques for statistical model selection
Supervisor: Hugo Maruri-Aguilar
Currently: AI Researcher at Alibaba, DRC

  • Ayon Mukherjee (graduated 2019)

Thesis: Covariate-adjusted response-adaptive designs for clinical trials
Supervisor: Steve Coad
Currently: Principal Biostatistician at Clinipace, Germany

  • Bairu Zhang (graduated 2018)

Thesis: Functional Data Analysis in Orthogonal Designs with Applications to Gait Patterns
Supervisor: Heiko Grossmann and Dylan Morrisey
Currently: Senior Statistician at AstraZeneca

  • Peter Curtis (graduated 2017)

Thesis: Smooth supersaturated models for computer experiments
Supervisor: Hugo Maruri-Aguilar

  • Wenyu Liu (graduated 2017)

Thesis: Group-sequential response-adaptive designs for comparing several treatments
Supervisor: Steve Coad
Currently: Senior Biostatistician at University of Birmingham

  • Kabir Soeny (graduated 2017)

Thesis: Pharmacometrically driven optimisation of dose regimens in clinical trials
Supervisor: Barbara Bogacka and Byron Jones
Currently: Senior Manager at Bain & Company

  • Rebecca Lodwick (graduated 2016)

Thesis: Crossover designs: issues in construction, use, and communication
Supervisor: Rosemary Bailey
Currently: Senior Teaching Fellow at the University of Portsmouth

  • Muhammad Iftakhar Alam (graduated 2016)

Thesis: Optimal adaptive designs for dose finding in early phase clinical trials
Supervisor: Steve Coad and Barbara Bogacka
Currently: Associate Professor at University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Lutfor Rahman (graduated 2014)

Thesis: Bayesian Analysis of Multi-Stratum Designs and Probability-based Optimal Designs with Separation
Supervisor: Steven Gilmour and Lawrence Pettit
Currently: Professor, Institute of Statistical Research and Training, University of Dhaka, Bangladesh

  • Mitra Noosha (graduated 2014)

Thesis: Mixtures of Conjugate Priors for Measuring Discordancy and Making Robust Inferences
Supervisor: Lawrence Pettit
Currently: Senior Data Scientist at PayPal

  • Oleg Volkov (graduated 2014)

Thesis: Optimal relaxed designs of experiments, with pharmaceutical applications.
Supervisor: Barbara Bogacka
Currently: Director at XITIFIC Ltd.

  • Wai Yin Yeung (graduated 2013)

Thesis: Inference following biased coin designs in clinical trials
Supervisor: Steve Coad
Currently: Senior Statistical Scientist at Roche

  • Saiful Islam (graduated 2011)

Thesis: Loss functions, utility functions and Bayesian sample size determination
Supervisor: Lawrence Pettit
Currently: Lecturer (Teaching) in Medical Statistics at UCL Queen Square Institute of Neurology

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