School of Mathematical Sciences

Complex Systems & Networks Group

We are interested in the mathematical description and modelling of the architecture and dynamics of complex systems. 

Our main goal is to understand how a complex system self-organizes and how various collective behaviours emerge when a large number of units or dynamical systems interact through non-trivial networks.

We make use of mathematical tools from graph theory, statistical mechanics and nonlinear dynamics, and large-scale numerical simulations. We are interested in applications to biology, social systems, and man-made networks, where we address both fundamental problems as well as applied research with some industrial collaborators.

Research interests

Network theory

  • Multiplex, temporal and spatial networks
  • Statistical mechanics and information theory of complex networks
  • Critical phenomena in networks
  • Network inference
  • Quantum complex networks
  • Graph-theoretical time series analysis

Modelling of social, biological and technological complex systems

  • Human mobility
  • Epidemics and disease spreading
  • Energy infrastructure networks
  • Smart cities
  • Neuroscience
  • Systems biology
  • Critical phenomena and complexity
  • Quantitative linguistics

Applied nonlinear dynamics

  • Synchronisation of coupled dynamical systems
  • Nonlinear time series analysis and chaos


The Complex Systems and Networks group provides a forum for interaction and discussion at the current forefront of research. There is a very active weekly seminar series under the heading Complex Systems Seminar, covering topics in Complex Systems and Networks, Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics.

This is hold jointly with the Dynamical Systems and Statistical Physics Group - both groups have overlapping research interests and together form one of the largest groups in the UK working on statistical mechanics aspects of complex systems.

Group members

Head of Group: Ginestra Bianconi